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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Charge of the Light Brigade

Just to recap on the latter part of the royal tour of Africa. On Thursday, Wills and Harry rode horseback through the mountains, ringers for Tolkien movie extras. At their destination - a poor tribal village supported by Harry - they dismounted and engaged in a further photo session, this time a kick-about on the eve of the national game, their apparent passion for the sport ominously summed up by the metro's sub headline:

Prince William and Prince Harry showed that football can bring out the competitive spirit in some but in an impromptu kickabout men become possessed.

Friday saw the game, photo sessions with uber celebrity David Beckham and a dressing room meeting with the team after their defeat, which we know about because a potentially possessed, red clothed, irate fan named Pavlos Joseph managed to gain access not long afterwards, the attention seeking headline, Wills: we let the England fan in, self explanatory.

Next week brings another national game, Wills' 28th sun-drenched midsummer birthday, and the UK budget - where the nasty politicians are intending to create misery it appears.


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