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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Novo Rich ?

T'was only back in early July, although it seems so long ago, when I noted the military aeroplane crash in the shadow of Ben Arthur, the Cobbler - the mountain top which resembles either a shoemaker bending over his anvil or, perhaps, a man awaiting sodomisation. It maybe the esoteric quality is a mix of the three, most humans almost always working and thus being shafted in the name of war funding and space exploration, soon all to be overseen on a global basis by the budding reincarnated Arthur, Prince William. If you wonder who we will fight in their future, after globalisation and the one-ness of humanity plus seemingly shooting through the stargate c2012, it is simple. "We" will will seek in the heavens to find would-be enemies, they must be somewhere, lets fucking do them. (here)

Today the road which runs close by the Cobbler, the A83 - the main vehicular access road to the Western Highlands - was closed by a landslide caused by recent torrential rain which has engulfed Scotland. (

On 7/7, or thereabouts, was a media-heavy story I did not post about. It concerned an outbreak of norovirus on the explorer christened cruise ship, Marco Polo, which was berthed in Invergordon. One passenger died. (here).

Today another cruise liner, the royalty's Scottish residence christened, Balmoral, has been hit by the same illness after docking in the same port.


BBC re Balmoral outbreak.

newspaceman - baal morals and dogmess.


Anonymous said...

The hammer and anvil is an interesting archetype:
(search for hammer)

The greek letter omega is reminiscent of the anvil (side view); alpha, the tongs that hold the iron bar (that is to be shaped).
The Hammer (or arm with hammer)….the letter ‘G’ ?!!
(refer to fifth image)

Now the Greek hero that was associated with the hammer and anvil was Haphaestus.
Born without a father….and lame (i.e. iconically, heel not touching the ground)……now where else have I heard this before…….oh, yes, Jesus !!
Thus Jesus a twin king….as Hephaestus…..Room 101…..101combination is hermetic, with no mother !


Newspaceman said...

Thanks Chig, sorry to take so long to reply, had a lot on my mind recently.


Newspaceman said...

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Preston said...

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Dinoso said...

ps, Only your top link works. cheers