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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

(R) evolution

We have highlighted Edinburgh's own extinct volcano, Arthur's Seat, (see here) in previous posts , and read today from the Scottish capital's Evening News of how plans are afoot to illuminate the sphinx-like hill to coincide with the the 2012 London Olympics.

On Monday just past a pair of royal stories were played by the BBC, the first concerning that old- fashioned meddling buffoon, Prince Charles, and his architecture charity, The Prince's Foundation, which he is apparently using in order to prevent modern type buildings being constructed. (
here). The second regarded his older son: dynamic, handsome, forward thinking, uber-celebrity, Prince William, and the opening of a new facility at the Natural History Museum in London - The Darwin Centre - which features a breathtaking catalogue of plants and insects stored within an eight level "cocoon" as well as a, now almost ubiquitous, global warming/climate change educational centre.

Evening News - "Arthur's Seat Olympic Torch"

Prince opens Darwin Centre - BBC


aferrismoon said...

Global warming and the Holocaust - the mainstay of modern education. Strange they both have to do with 'overheating'

Will check out the Mancs Lads


Newspaceman said...

Cheers aferrismoon. I looked up Newham for my next post, full of green educational stuff it seems.

Close to Arsenal ground too, recalling last year and the 1122.