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Sunday, 2 November 2008

A real dead ringer for love

Today, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown met with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh, seeking his help to stabilise the global financial system by means of a contribution to an International Monetary Fund which may be used to bail out vulnerable countries. From the horse's mouth:

"I think we are grasping towards a new global order where there will be far better global co-ordination in the future and where people will work together to solve common problems"

Curiously, on Friday, it was reported that Barclays Bank has also gone kaffiyeh in hand to the royal families of Qatar and Abu Dhabi, raising £7.3 billion capital to strengthen it's balance sheet despite the fact that it could have obtained the funds from the UK government at what seemed far more attractive rates.

Ever feel that maybe, just maybe, something rather large is being (and has always been) continuously rammed up your ring-piece ?


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Michael said...

I figure once everyone in the entire world is in debt past their eyebrows, Prince William will write us all a nice personal check to "bail us out", perhaps with his "mark" upon it.

Cheers, Michael

Newspaceman said...

That is my way of thinking too and he will "expose" himself once it is all sorted. Come out of the closet ?

Also, these Arab characters look bogus/ in disguise (see halloween and guising) to me, is someone taking the piss ?

Thanks for the comment, somehow I knew the post would catch your eye, Japanese or otherwise.


Michael said...

Yea, crude, but effective. :-)

Then the Once and Future King can "forgive us our debts, as we *choke* forgive our debtors". The scheme really is brilliant.

Cheers, Michael