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Wednesday 28 May 2008

The K-9 conundrum

Cave canem !

Further to my recent "German Shepherd" posting and continuing the theme of the collective herding (and surely enslavement) of humanity into a new "Golden Age" under the guise of a new European Superpower - from the Daily Express of yesterday, another nudge towards thinking in the right direction as we read of a £65,000 guard dog, named the Titan Ultra :

The super-intelligent dogs undergo two years of extensive and rigorous training in Germany with some of the best handlers in the world.

A standard Titan can be snapped up for £45,000, but for £65,000 the truly security conscious can get their hands on a Titan Ultra – which is guaranteed to be traced back to champion German shepherd bloodlines.

And from wikipedia regarding the German Shepherd breed and it's post WW1 name change to alsatian:

Anti - German sentiment was still high in the wake of World War I (1914 - 1918), and change of German-oriented names in the UK - including that of the Royal Family - were common at the time when a few dogs were taken to Britain and the United States. Since it was feared that the name German Shepherd Dog could be an impediment, the name Alsatian wolf dog was introduced.

In the blood ?


see also K9 history, dogs of war , from pre biblical times onwards.

wiki entry for Titans - note Lucifer parallels

Alsace, from where the name Alsatian is derived. Note the Roman history


Alex Robinson said...

There's that word 'Titan' again - I was wondering if we made up a list of the top ten words for 2008, if those dastardly Greeks mightn't be somewhere near the top - oops sorry should have been top 'Twelve'

aferrismoon said...

Fair Scots contingent here today, great summer's day. its 0-0 at present


Newspaceman said...

thanks WW, aferrismoon.

Did you go to the game ?