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Saturday, 24 May 2008


Referring to recent posts regarding the social disorder surrounding the recent Glasgow Rangers game in Manchester, and my potentially ultra-paranoid possibility that our "authorities" were well aware of forthcoming problems, perhaps even instigating them, (giant television screen malfunction), therefore causing the antics which allowed the riot police to retain order, thus providing the police with on-the-job training, I bring you more.

From the Southern Express we read of Mark Hay, a Scottish Borders businessman and publican who was contracted by UEFA sponsors Carlsberg to operate the tents in their "fan zones" - zones established to cater for the alcohol hungry and ticket-less migrant supporter :

"Contrary to press reports, the atmosphere was hostile all day and it just got worse and some of the worst behaviour came, not from hooded youngsters, but from fans aged between 30 and 50.

when we arrived at Piccadilly Gardens at 10am on the day of the match there were already thousands of fans, most of whom were drunk, with large carry-outs, including bottles.

and from supporter Ian Crawford:

“Out of the blue, a riot policeman approached me and struck me on the head with a baton. I managed to get to the side of the road and was watching the mayhem with a woman and a young child who was petrified.

“The riot police surged at us and I put up my hand to protect the mother and child but was again belted on the back of the head and blood started pouring.

For those unaware, and this may be slightly hard to accept, here in happy Scotland the wearing of green is considered the most despicable of crimes by a "true" Rangers supporter; certainly regarded as an insult and often personally taken as such:

Again from Mark:

"Things got worse as the day went on and staff were subjected to terrible abuse for wearing the green tops supplied by Carlsberg

Makes one wonder, surely.

Notwithstanding the above, the images in this post are from the potentially esoterically named Fulham in London this week - at the aftermath of the Manchester United Chelsea game, where we again saw out-of-stadium disorder and, what looks like, heavy handed policing. The full Times article is here.

"More than 20 police vans were at the scene, which was littered with glass bottles. One supporter, who asked not to be identified said: “The police just went crazy. They pushed a woman and then charged us.”

Remember, this was the week when a speeding and unlit police car killed a teenager - then tasered her boyfriend for grumbling about it.

Your future ?

Bringing home the bacon ?



aferrismoon said...

Nice one or perhaps not
Anyhow coolly written.
Brings to mind that they can choose fluorescent Orange for the stewards, should they so wish.
What's the odds on Rangers and or Celtic playing an 'English' club next season [ personally I reckon the Wembleyites have never forgotten the theft of their hallowed turf back in the 4 Nations Championship]

I notice Berezovsky has 'charged' Abrahamovich with something to do with Russian Businesses, last week around the final.
In the last picture , the shop sign on the left reads 'BORDERS'


Newspaceman said...

cheers Aferrismoon.
My mates Mum has got a bit of the turf in her garden - somewhere.