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Wednesday 16 April 2008

Cornering the Market

Referring to my posts Going back to our Roots and Making an Arsenal out us, ceremoniously
,when I highlighted the occult significance of the number 3 and it's cubic form of 27 in relation to the birth of the "new" European world superpower and its potentially "freemasonic" inspiration, then, applying the same principals, it is logical that the 16th of April would be a significant date, given that 16 is four squared. Logical, if only because you need squares to build cubes.

Certainly to Roman Catholics it would be important, given that their "spiritual leader", Pope Benedict the Sixteenth, celebrates his 81st birthday; a day which saw him in the company of George W Bush. As we read from the BBC report:

Page last updated at 17:47 GMT, Wednesday, 16 April 2008 18:47 UK

Mr Bush quoted St Augustine in greeting the Pope with the words "peace be with you".

Mr Bush said: "In a world where some no longer believe that we can distinguish between simple right and wrong, we need your message to reject this dictatorship of relativism."

He added: "In a world where some evoke the name of God to justify acts of terror and murder and hate, we need your message that God is love."

and the Pope, on his 3x3x3x3'd birthday:

He concluded: "God bless America".

Gordon Brown, British? Prime Minister, is today too in America, his visit apparently eclipsed by the aforementioned Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church. Yet, from BBC political editor Nick Robinson's blog we can perhaps again see the way that "our" world is headed:

However, they insist, headlines are far from the only test of this trip. What matters is this message which Gordon Brown has brought with him telling CBS that "European nations want a better relationship with America and I feel I can bring Europe and America closer together for the future. And that's going to be to the advantage of all of us."

Here in the UK, we heard how the Bank of England plans to rescue the rapidly stagnating housing market by means of a bond issue, similar to the strategy currently being employed in the States. Again, full BBC report is here:

Page last updated at
21:49 GMT, Wednesday, 16 April 2008 22:49 UK

The Bank of England is poised to launch a new lending programme for UK banks in an effort to break the logjam in the credit market, the BBC has learned.

But it will be similar to moves in the US, will be backed by the Treasury and could be launched as soon as next week.

The scheme would temporarily allow banks to swap their mortgage-based assets for government bonds.

One safeguard will come from exchanging the mortgage-backed assets at less than their market value.

Thus making the State the supreme mortgage lender in the UK .

Of course there was another launch yesterday, that of the new P&O cruise ship Ventura by Oscar winning Queen impersonator, Dame Helen Mirren, at Southampton. From the BBC again:

"The Oscar-winning actress declared: "I wish the ship luck and love and calm seas on her voyages," to mark Ventura's official entry into service."

Coincidentally, on checking previous 16/4's we find :

1746 - The Battle of Culloden takes place.

1953 - Queen Elizabeth II launches the Royal Yacht Britannia.

1972 - Apollo program: The launch of Apollo 16 from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

2004 - The super liner Queen Mary 2 embarks on her first Trans-Atlantic crossing, linking the golden age of ocean travel to the modern age of ocean travel.

16th April - smashingly auspicious ?



aferrismoon said...

GB was influenced greatly by his dad, a Church of Scotland Minister - wonder if they'll have a wee chinwag

Anonymous said...

I'm not meaning to stop anyone examining numbers as they see fit, but I don't get where the form of numerology I read in many of the red ice listed blogs comes from?

My own personal view is that you definitely shouldn't go down that road; it's not true numerology. Originally, it was based in the likes of the Hebrew alphabet corresponding to numbers (gematria). If anyone's seen the film pi, the method is shown in there - the actual numerical value of words in Hebrew corresponds directly to their meaning.
I think the main example in the film is the value of mother and father is added together, and the value is the same as the value of child. But English is not constructed that way at all.

Also the reductionist method in gematria, if used just in reducing any dates or numbered occurances, means that you always have a 1 in 9 chance of them matching anyway (when 1 - 9 are used), or a 1 in 20 chance, or whatever upper limit is being set. It's nowhere near an infinite amount of manifestations.

That said, yeah there's a number world there behind the surface; there's things like primes that are important nexus' in the number world map, and with primary functions like roots you can draw out the actual proportional scales the numbers make to one another (how musical instruments are designed).
It's important not to lose sight of the shorthands employed, I mean decimal is just a way we use to organise counting into repeats of 10s. If a different base had been selected there would be a different amount of basic numerals instead of 0 - 9.

Atomic shapes, and how the atoms are classed (in the Peridoic Table), is a good way of getting at the underlying number structures too. Cause you can move from there to the naturally occuring rocks, metals, minerals, and crystals, and they all are classifiable by their (atomic and molecular) shapes.
Evolutionarily, plants come much later than the rocks, and are essentially lifeforms that eat powdered rocks and liquid crystal (water), as well as photons.

There's also correlations between things like how many petals a flower has, and the main types of metals the plant or tree is composed of, and the proportional geometry of planet orbits - the planets down as corresponding to those same metals.
Generally the shape of the planet orbit (eg - five equal divisions of the sky) as seen from Earth, matches to the petal number, and-or to the plant morphology of how many branches it grows from a stem.
(metals as in metallic salts and minerals)

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Zupakomputer,

I am not entirely sure what "system" of numerology you "read in the red ice blogs" that you refer to.

I am not trying to explain a science, only pointing out that certain dates and times seem auspicious to those that desire to rule/empower. This is easily proven, just refer to previous posts and if you can point out any specifics, I will be happy to debate them.

As regards "true numerology", I am aware of the system of gematria, aferrismoon, who commented prior, often utilises the system in his posting.

As regards Pythagoras, then him, together with your last paragraph, is maybe on the right track.

Try : Manly Palmer Hall

"Albert Pike, the great Masonic symbolist, admitted that there were many points concerning which he could secure no reliable information. In his Symbolism, for the 32° and 33°, he wrote: "I do not understand why the 7 should be called Minerva, or the cube, Neptune." Further on he added: "Undoubtedly the names given by the Pythagoreans to the different numbers were themselves enigmatical and symbolic-and there is little doubt that in the time of Plutarch the meanings these names concealed were lost. Pythagoras had succeeded too well in concealing his symbols with a veil that was from the first impenetrable, without his oral explanation"

Let me know what you think once you have read it, I would be mostinterested.


aferrismoon said...

That Q in Queen looks like a fanciful O z

Anonymous said...

Pythagora's? Not sure about that, I didn't mention him.

I mean the numerology that takes things like dates and some number occurances, and reduces them (adds them up, or performs other operations to them); it seems like it's more forced to fit, rather than picking all occurances of what numbers are showing up.

eg the 16th April being significant - but what about all the other things that happened on that date too, and then any related events to the ones listed that happened on other days?

If you pick any date you'd be hard pushed not to find something significant that occured historically that day.

Or I suppose another way of saying what I'm meaning is that - there's only x amount of possible date-month combinations, and of course the same for years. So it wouldn't be too difficult to just take each day, and have a list of all the major number relationships for each day in whatever month; and then have a list of years and do the same thing with their numbers, and then combine them.
Loads of them are going to have cubes and squares and doubles in them, and whatever else anyone cares to go into detail on.

So next month there's a similar date correspondance with the 25th, before that the same thing with March 9th, Feb 4th - but they all happen every year. I don't think they'd, for example, select Popes so their birthdays match with day-month links. Even despite this being a 2008.....I just don't think anyone would try to control events to that extent, and not be aware that it's an arbitary calander count anyway, so it doesn't mean anything, it being a way we just all agree what day it is so you can turn up on time and that kind of thing.

What if, say, the old Roman numerals were still used? Then it doesn't have the same correspondances because it doesn't use 0 - 9, and that specific calander is different for the most part too (the calanders been changed a few times since then). Or what if you used a Chinese or Mayan calander, then it's totally different again.

Newspaceman said...

Zupa, you obviously are too well informed to even read the link I supplied.

Sorry, but I wrongly assumed the film Pi referred to Pythagoras ?

I have just had a quick check on it:

"Max acquires a deep grasp of number theory. With his assumptions, that mathematics is the universal language, that number theory can represent everything in nature, and that there is a pattern in everything that occurs in this universe, he sets about trying to find it in the stock market."

As I initially said, you should read the MPL link, you may learn something.

As P said, there are only 4 numbers, so you will find cubes and squares.

Not every day though, thankfully.


Anonymous said...

Brief look at the link - that's mostly new to me, I've only looked at Pythagora's right-angled triangle laws and some of those areas.

It's definitely the kind of thing I meant about the primes, in that it's looking at relations of numbers to one another, in varying combinations. It's very different from Gematria though, as far as I'm aware anyway, for same reasons given in the first comment here.

Again, I'm not up on the history of Minerva and Neptune, so I can't comment on why they have those correspondances assigned them. I'm not much of a mythology reader, never got into the stories of the gods and that kind of thing. I don't really like personifying objects and processes; too soap-opera for me.

Neptune might have the cube link because of planetary orbit proportions - the planets all have Platonic solid proportional links to one another, or it could be to do with Bode's Law. Are you looking for something specific to do with that Pike quote?

Anonymous said...

I hadn't gotten around to reading it yet....

no need to get like that with me; I was being very polite about how ridiculous the supposed number links are that are being presented. Seriously, they mean nothing at all. The calander counts do not correspond to anything real, they haven't anything to do with the actual celestial objects for example.

Newspaceman said...

ps zapak,

"Loads of them are going to have cubes and squares and doubles in them, and whatever else anyone cares to go into detail on."

Any chance you could go into more specific detail please, as also requested initially.

"This is easily proven, just refer to previous posts and if you can point out any specifics, I will be happy to debate them"


Newspaceman said...

"The calander counts do not correspond to anything real, they haven't anything to do with the actual celestial objects for example."

What, the solar year ?

You are a prize fucking fool, now fuck off.


Anonymous said...

You didn't manage to debate them you stupid fucking twat, you linked to an unrelated text you never wrote.

The dates - the numbers - don't correspond to anything real. Why do you think there's so many different calanders? As I wrote already.

Don't try to give me abuse - you couldn't answer me, then you started getting weird after I replied you as you asked. Now you've gone and asked for the same thing I've already replied you on.

You didn't understand anything I wrote at all did you?

Alex Robinson said...

I had not read your Back to Roots article before - awesome.

Matthew Delooze pointed out the serpent in the Rocky movies - Rocky Bal-boa.

The whole speactacle area is of interest. I am short sighted & wear glasses for distance. We have gotten so used to the need for glasses that few people question it. I read somewhere that if someone injures their arm they would not accept wearing a sling for the rest of their lives but with vision problems that's just what we do. Glasses force your eyes to see forward, you lose much of your periperal vision, and I'm sure this affects how you 'view the world'. For that reason I choose to live in a blur much of the time - I think it helps me to see a little differently.

Agree with Aferrismoon the Q looks very much like Oz

Michael said...

Team Phillips, the ill-starred 120' catamaran racing yacht, was launched by QE II herself, I wish I could remember the date - circa 2000. It seemed odd, because the only other private vessel the queen has christened was her namesake: the Cunard Line's QE II. It met with disaster 8 months later - a freak storm at sea. Which seems oddly in synch with the royal maritime disasters you have been doggedly reporting on.

Cheers, and thanks for the insight.

Anonymous said...

What annoys me about needing glasses is that 'fashions' dictate what frames are available - practicalities go out the window, and you're expected to get frames with tiny little eyes cause whoever reckons they look better.....yeah they sometimes look better, but shades look best of all so why not just wear Raybans all the time..

thing is, most frames these days look bad AND all you see looking out of them is the frame itself.

Then if you want lenses that don't break or don't scratch, and aren't so heavy the bridge of your nose caves in, it costs a fortune - and you have no choices, because you can't see otherwise. Can't legally drive without them either.

But my favourite thus far of all wtf's when it comes to glasses, is this gem here (scroll down to the Jesuits picture):

So, they're shapeshifters, but they can't change the shape of their eye lens to prevent them being short or long sighted....

Newspaceman said...

Yo Zuppy, lots a 16/4 stuff this year too.