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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Snakes on the Brain

I noted the similarities between the triangular Children and Need logo and that of spooky MI5 in my last post - the reader will have hopefully spotted the word intelligence in the latter's symbol. 

Yesterday's mail on line carried a story which surely calls into question the "intelligence" of America's  comparable C.I.A., despite their, allegedly historical, apparently successful,  Project_MKUltra and it's offshoot Project Monarch  "mind control" programs.

It seems that back in 2005 a cunning plan codenamed "Devil Eyes" was hatched to distribute "Bin Laden" action figures to the children of Afghanistan, in order that it would foster a rejection of "al-Quaeda". It came with two heads, one the standard Bin Laden representation, the other a bearded stripey red faced devilish offering. It was created by Donald Levine, who was the "inventor" of the GI Joe doll.

Which got me thinking.

Firstly, one would assume that any impoverished Afghan child would be more than delighted to receive a toy such as this, thus "Devil Eyes" would probably have the opposite effect than intended.

Secondly, and more nefariously, could it be that the whole GI Joe (Action Man in the U.K.) enterprise was, in itself, part of a subtle "mind control" exercise to familiarise children with the military; to embed the illusion that war is somehow acceptable. One could perhaps even consider that it has worked to a certain degree.

It's worth noting that in 1982 the GI Joe range was relaunched, and a storyline created involving an ongoing struggle between the average "Joes" and an "evil" Cobra Command, the latter intent on taking the "Free World" via terrorism. wiki

Here in the U.K. we  have a Cobra Command (Cabinet Office Briefing Room A) which meets in the event of  a crisis, for example 7/7,  Woolwich and Lee Rigby - although it's first meeting was back in the 1970's.



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