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Friday, 14 November 2014

I spy with my little eye...

It was the annual, ritual, Royal Variety Performance last night, with Kate 'n Wills in attendance.

They met up with boy-band, One Direction.

Harry Styles congratulated 16 week pregnant Kate on her "bump", yet noted she didn't look "bumpy".

In my June post Sugar and Spice, I noted Harry's Kaballah bracelet, and his tattoos, including the letters M and K, a butterfly and a silver spoon. I also noted their potential symbolism within.

Prince William, attired in fashionable velvet loafers, remarked to the super-group that "he had been keeping a close eye on them". (mail on line). He does like to keep abreast of matters.

Something else topical, with a closed eye, is Pudsey Bear, star of the charity "Children in Need".

Today is Children in Need Day.

It's logo is potentially symbolic, especially if one considers the "one eye" and the "triangles/pyramid".

Someone close to the Royal Family who no one kept an eye on, apparently, was Jimmy Savile.

Jimmy was involved with Children in Need but became a persona non-grata at one stage.



aferrismoon said...

The one-eye is reiterated via its buttons spelling BBC - which appears to us via the screen, the electronic eye.

Children in need would probably benefit from the govt. and BBC investigating claims of historical child abuse by people still around and about - Cameron calls them conspiracy theorists.


Newspaceman said...

It's curious Moon that BBC is, numerically, 223. Reversed we have 322 The telephone number for the Child Rescue Alert is 0300 200 0200, not forgetting the American "secret society".

intertwined ?