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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Of ones and twos.

Bovril -created to feed the poor in Edinburgh's Royal Mile (here)

Numbers and dates often appear to create patterns, although perhaps they are "man-made" for a purpose.

Over the last couple of years I have noticed the above in the, in my view symbolic, rebirth / reincarnation / resurrection of Glasgow Rangers football club, a club with a strong orange / protestant background.

Today we read from the Daily Record that the company set up by ultra-dodgy Craig Whyte to purchase Glasgow Rangers for a pound is to be "struck off" on 11th February (11/2) next year, unless "cause is shown to the contrary".

This is not the first time that the date 11/2 has cropped up in the fairly tedious saga. Back in May 2012, I noted how the BBC had reported that :

"it is revealed that on 11th February (double 11), an e mail was sent by Whyte to David Grier stating "all costs pinned down and no unpleasant surprises later on".

The e mail subject heading was Project William.

For me, the 11th of February - 11/2 - appears to resonate the double eleven malarkey often utilised by the "elite", topically Remembrance Day 11/11 would fit into the same category. "Project William", to me, speaks volumes.

Rangers court reference as they entered administration was  P221/12. Craig Whyte "purchased" the club on a 13th February which ties in with the date of the (blood sacrifice) Glencoe Massacre, the unfortunate MacDonalds being late to pledge allegiance to their new king - William of Orange. Jimmy Savile, great friend of royalty and alleged necrophiliac, dug Glencoe. Jimmy got buried in a golden coffin, encased in concrete and buried at a 45 degree angle. Think he was worried about something ?

Uri Geller, "mystic" and alleged CIA operative who is infatuated with 11 11, purchased the uninhabitable Scottish Lamb Island on 11/2/2009, as he allegedly believes that Egyptian Princess Scota, stashed some treasure there. He has, reportedly, only made one visit  since his acquisition. (Binary Finery)

Nelson Mandela was released from prison on an 11/2. Some people are bit unsure about Nelson. (Just numbers) Then there's JFK on 22/11, and Michael Hutchence on 22/11. (I don't like Mondays)

Back on 22nd February 2010, Hello Magazine had a world exclusive "historic photoshoot" with Prince William. Dressed in black with dark hair, he graced the front cover under the caption "The Real William". It was the one thousand, one hundred and eleventh issue.



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