Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Devil went up to Scotland

In a seemingly trivial scene, a slightly “altered on morphine” Sherlock plays violin notes to flies in a tube. He explains to Watson his discovery: when he plays atonal clusters to the flies, they synchronize and start flying in concentric circles. Thus, using musical theory, he has created order out of chaos.

 The occult symbolism of the movie Sherlock Holmes

 The deed is done. X marks the spot. 

My reservations still linger, gnawing inside my mind. However, I had to think of a bigger picture -  the children. Now my stomach churns too, with butterflies. I really, really, hope it's a YES.

Let's just hope that if it is, the Scottish people show as much passion into creating a fair and decent society as we have seen in this campaign. That they open their minds as to why things happen in this world, and to the "elite's" envisaged picture on their nefarious jigsaw puzzle box

Let's hope too that the image below from today's Daily Record is not indicative of forthcoming events, given the 666 registration number on the motorbike surely heading North, towards the Stone of Destiny.



Michael said...

My condolences on the election results (so far). I know it was a devil's bargain, but even that was perchance better than the status quo.

Anon said...

Newspaceman said...

Thanks Michael.