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Thursday, 4 September 2014

There can be only one

Quite a lot of people appear to think Bob Geldof is not entirely what he seems.

Today's Daily Record provides Bob's intriguing insight into Scottish independence. I'll return to it.

First though, it's worth recalling that I noted how "Bob's" twin Live Aid concerts were held on the birthday of occultist and friend of royalty, John Dee, in the post From Peaches to Pennsylvania, connecting dots within to Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and thus, Aleister Crowley, notwithstanding poor Peaches interest in the latter's "writings".

Earlier this week, I expressed my thoughts on the New World Order :
"..a global society with single-currency, a king to rule over "us", and a semi-mind-controlled, quasi-androgynous, worker slave citizenship, with compulsory euthanasia. The net product of the endeavours of these worker-slaves will consist of "advances" in genetic modification and DNA tampering, alongside the colonisation of outer-space."

From the Daily Record, quoting Bob :

"But it took the Scottish nation’s genius – and literally that is the word – to invent the modern world. That’s the truth of it."

 “Things are always bigger than we are. Therefore the bigger we are, the better it is...
Isn’t that what we learned from our labour struggles? Isn’t that what we learned from our wars? Isn’t that what we learned from football and families? That’s the way it just is. It’s not me just inventing it.”

“That’s the way we do these things here, because ultimately modern civilisation was invented between these two peoples (Scotland and England). That’s the f***ing truth. You don’t have the modern economy without Adam Smith. You don’t have the logic of liberty without David Hume and all those people. You just don’t.

“F***’s sake, you guys. You don’t have to listen to Darling and Salmond. Go back to the people you spawned, they wrote the text.

“They fully realised what they were doing when they sat in those coffee houses in Edinburgh. They were inventing the modern world.”

One concludes that the enlightened "coffee houses" Bob refers to do not include the more recent Elephant House, for example, where J K Rowling allegedly wrote "her" Harry Potter" series.

Although perhaps, given the "satanic" angle some attribute to the HP series, maybe it's a wee nod to the future, for those in the "know".



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