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Monday, 7 July 2014

When Harry meets Billy

Just continuing in the same vein as last post; Commonwealth baton relay and Fort William, with an added sprinkling of Harry Potter magick.

Today's (7/7) BBC tells of how, on 12th July, the baton is due to "take in the Glenfinnan Viaduct", one of the most "iconic locations from the Harry Potter films". In addition, it will conclude it's journey that day at recent earthquake ridden, Fort William. (BBC News)

In case the reader needs put in the picture, the 12th July is known as the "Glorious 12th" and is celebrated by Orangemen (Protestants) in respect of a famous victory by William of Orange AKA King Billy over Catholic King, James 2nd, at the alleged Battle of the Boyne.

From wiki :

Attempts have recently been made to downplay the political aspects of the marches and present the Twelfth as a cultural, family-friendly event at which tourists are welcome, but violence continues.
The top image is from last Saturday in Glasgow, at an Orange Order march. Scotland has a fairly lengthy marching season. (here)

From wiki re Fort William :

The town grew up as a settlement next to a fort constructed to control the population after Oliver Cromwell's invasion during the English Civil War, and then to suppress the Jacobite uprisings of the 18th century. The fort was named "Fort William"' after William of Orange, and the settlement that grew around it was called "Maryburgh", after his wife.

Harry Potter has "connections" with the Protestant - Catholic historical divide and conquer. From my recent post Growling at Rowling :

Some food for thought is that many Potter fans believe that "Voldermort's" grave is located in Edinburgh's Greyfriars Churchyard (Dark Arts). ..

Reverence for the tenets of Judaism was a hallmark of 17th century fundamentalist Protestant thinking when the National Covenant of 1638 seemed to set the seal on the belief that by returning to the "true religion" at the Reformation the Scots had become a chosen people
The National Covenant was signed at Greyfriars.

Note too that William and Mary were crowned joint sovereigns of the United Kingdom on 11th April, the 101st day of the year. I have written about the date many times, and it's "coincidences" regarding the Stone of Destiny, the Dunblane massacre, Prince William and his wings etc. (It's a kind of magick)

On Saturday, Prince William, Harry, and Kate launched the 101st Tour de France.

Whilst I cannot really let William of Orange go without a nod to the Glencoe Massacre (a blood sacrifice) and occultist, friend of royalty, Jimmy Savile's, choice of Scottish abode.



Anonymous said...

Hiya. Notice u've been a little quiet of late.
Thought u might like this -

'17' is apparently somewhat auspicious numerologically.

Serial number 28411 LN:84
Type 777-2H6ER
First flight date 17/07/1997
Plane age 17 years


Newspaceman said...

Thank you, I have beeen quiet, sort of lost motivation/nothing to write about.

I can maybe expand on some other coincidences re William and MH17, will post later today. It might not be to great though, but there are a couple of factors needing noting.


Anonymous said...

Hiya again. Thanx for your reply and not one post but two! Very much appreciate your ongoing efforts and details.
Another 'July 17' - 1918, murder of the Romanovs. So what do I think the planned 'Red Road' event at the Opening Ceremony and its impact on the collective consciousness is about...?

p.s. li'l willy was at the War Memorial on the 17th (not 18th) and there's also a pic of him wearing purple gloves there. Surmised that some SandyHook enthusiasts might have liked that. 'Sandolphon' being the 'grounding aspect' of 'Michael'.

hirundine said...

Is it worth speculating that the downed aircraft might have been the one lost, in April?

I guess that's just too far fetched?

Newspaceman said...

Who knows Hiundine. I read (from a "respectable" source, I think BBC) that the info on the black box did not correspond to the debris and that it looked like other aircraft parts had been added, so...

I am still in shock over the Commonwealth Games opening, more so as some people thought it was "pure, dead brilliant".