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Friday, 4 July 2014

Harris Tweed

Colony born Rolf Harris takes the boat to court, 4/7, - a new, "unknown" future beckons.

4th July today, and the date of America's puppet independence from the UK.

Some claim that America's "Declaration" was based on that of the Scots@Arbroath Abbey.

The Queen was up in Scotland, officially naming a new Royal Navy aircraft carrier after herself whilst smashing a bottle of whisky in the process. Note that in the UK we are currently living in the time zone of British Summer Time (BST), which means the clock is an hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The Queen crashed the receptacle just a few seconds before 12.11 (BST), 11.11 (GMT), the "ritual" continuing - three cheers I think - till just shortly after the stroke.    BBC

Always in our minds
Apparently the ship represents "new beginnings" and is almost like a small city.

I touched on her Commonwealth baton relay in the posts Bravehearting and From Templar to Garter, noting the investiture of two new Garter Knights,  (ex Bank of England top dog/ex M15 boss) on the same day as actor Brian Cox carried the baton into (masonic/Templar) Rosslyn Chapel. Not forgetting that later that day, whilst at a mining museum,  the baton appeared to fall from it's perch of it's own accord. Pits of Hell indeed.

Today, the baton is visiting Scone  Palace - once sacred home of the Stone of Destiny - where it will be carried by comedian Fred MacAulay. We did touch on the potential name symbolism of Brian Cox in the linked posts and, in that context, it is useful to note that Frederick has, like the Queen, a Germanic source, his meaning "peaceful ruler". Whilst his surname can be traced back to ancient Irish kings. As can, allegedly, the "stone" - although some claim further back, so far as Biblical Jacob, and his pillow stone.

The bottle of whisky the Queen smashed into the ship was an Islay malt, a Bowmore to be precise. Islay has historic links with ancient royalty. I am not sure if bow - more, is a dark pun, it may be.

Rolf - Project Monarch ?
Last night in America, a massive dust storm swept across Phoenix, Arizona, outing services and grounding numerous flights. 

Last evening in Scotland, at Fort William in the Highlands, a magnitude 3 earthquake struck. Apparently there is about one of these per year in the entire UK. Fort William was named after William of Orange, the Dutch Protestant King with a penchance for warmongering, killing "Catholics", and  blood sacrifice. We know the latter because of the Glencoe massacre.  wiki 

William of Orange, a tennis fan, got his "big break" on a 4th July back in 1559, when he was appointed a Stadtholder.
The earthquake occurred at 19.36 BST, which equates to 6.36 GMT. It's such a pity there are only sixty seconds in a minute, things would have perhaps been slightly clearer.

Kim wears GOAT, as Andy gets beat. Kate Middleton  wore GOAT in Scotland recently, at a whisky distillery - The children who stare at goat
Some claim the phoenix and 11 11 are indicative of something slightly sinister; one wonders if the "quake" and the "duststorm" are indicative of something, too ?

Issue 1111



aferrismoon said...

Someone gave em a copy of Dan Brown's Inferno. In it Robert Langdon, the professor-hero, muses over the Harris Tweed symbol on his made-to-measure tweed.
I read that bit yesterday.


Newspaceman said...

I found it on a google image search moon, but cheers, most apt.

It was the 13 dots that got me.


aferrismoon said...

Here's the part:

" He folded back the lining and showed Sienna the label bearing his favourite symbol in the fashion world - Harris Tweed's iconic orb adorned with thirteen buttonlike jewels and topped by a Maltese cross.

Leave it to the Scots to invoke the Christian warriors on a piece of twill. "

Unbeknown to langdon there was a secret pocket sewn into his tweed. In it wasa capsule containing a miniature projector which showed an altered version of Botticelli's Map of Hell [ based on dante's Inferno].

There you go , now you don't have to read the book :)


Newspaceman said...

Thanks Moon, appreciated. I have not read any Dan Brown, maybe one day...

You know the CIA used to use Harris Tweed as a cold war "uniform". Allegedly: