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Monday, 28 July 2014


An interesting front page, all in
 Pete Doherty, "musician, writer, actor, poet and artist" is an interesting character, with "military" parents; his dad was a major in the British Army, his mother a lance corporal. He has some "Jewish" crudentials too.

Pete is well into his "flying carpets", his "Persian rugs", his drugs.

Pete was pals with Aleister Crowley devotee,  Peaches Geldof. (see legally minded and links within).

Yesterday's mail on line tells how Pete was in the habit of compiling a journal, a diary, which he kept in his flat, a flat which appears to have been well attended by "celebrities". Apparently, in 2008, Peaches wrote, in blood, in said diary, "in nine simple words" : "I solemnly swear I am not going to die": 

"Peaches’ haunting words have emerged in a newly published diary by notorious drug-taker Doherty.  The book, From Albion To Shangri-la, charts the musician’s life from 2008 to 2013, and includes more than 200 pages of his drug-induced writings."

"Publishers were unable to confirm whether it was written by Doherty or Peaches herself, although the musician has previously exhibited paintings drawn in his own blood."

Pete's journal is being published, edited by a Nina Antonia. She is quoted as saying:

I’m not in a position to speak for Peter, only about the work that I edited. But I do know Peter was both shocked and saddened by Peaches’ death and the terrible correlation and synchronicity of events".

Note that this is not the first death "close" to Pete (here) :

Most recently, this January, was the death of the filmmaker Robyn Whitehead, who had been making a documentary about the singer. Four months before that there was the case of Chris Corder, badly injured by Doherty’s manager in a hit-and-run incident. And before that there was the death of Mark Blanco, a fan who fell from a balcony at a block of flats having been thrown out of a party where Doherty was a fellow guest.

The connections—the available evidence suggests—are not strong. Doherty had reportedly seen Whitehead the day before she died. Doherty had been at the same party as Mark Blanco. Doherty was understood to have lent Andrew Boyd the car he was driving. But then comes the gravity-warp of Doherty’s celebrity—the effect of which is to mark him as responsible in some occult way. With his Blakean mumblings about “Albion,” his pork-pie hats and thigh-length peacoats.

One surely, unlike the author of the latter, has to wonder about Doherty


Note the title Babyshambles refers to one of Pete's bands, not Peaches' legacy.


aferrismoon said...

Blanco, Whitehead and Albion - all resonate 'white' and perhaps then to the idea of 'purity'

Scots have 33 medals at present equalling their best 'haul'.


aferrismoon said...

The shambles is a butcher's slaughterhouse


Newspaceman said...

Thanks Moon, cheers