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Sunday, 20 July 2014

MH17 - The Butterfly Effect

Yesterday I penned MH17 - The Chaos Effect, noting within a random pattern sourced to Scotland, MH17, The Commonwealth Games Baton Relay, Harry Potter, banking, Australia House, Prince William, Jim Carrey, Christmas, freemasonry and the number 17. That's not to forget William of Orange, the "Glorious 12th July", and Prince George's alleged first birthday, coming up on 22nd July.

All I did, simply, was to go back 1717 days from 17th July, which took me to 3rd November 2009.  "Luckily", I had a written a blog post about elements of the news that day, which included the Queen visiting the then under construction London Olympic Stadium, Jim Carrey illuminating London's Oxford Street Christmas lights, and the ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon.

There was one thing I missed from my post of November 2009, something I am kicking myself a bit about now, and that was the same day release of a photofit of what Madeleine McCann would look like then, in 2009. I should really have included it, especially as I included Altered Images lead singer, Clare Grogan, in yesterday's post. I will return to why later.

Grogan to top, reconstructed (honestly) Maddy below
Today, it is widely reported that an image of Royal Baby George has been released in time for his birthday. It's fairly bland to observe, however what is worth noting is the location the picture was taken: the Sensational Butterflies Exhibition at London's Natural History Museum. Curiously, there are no butterflies in the image. BBC
Oor Wullie ?
Some people believe that butterflies, specifically of the Monarch variety, are synonymous with "mind control". There are many examples of "celebrities" and "false flag incidents" alluding to the creature. Personally, I also believe that the "beautiful" butterfly emerging from the chrysalis of the "ugly" caterpillar, is metaphorical in terms of the elite's "New World Order, or "New Eden". The (global) Monarch aspect speaking for itself, symbolically.Could it be that George, minus butterflies at a butterfly exhibition, is symbolic too ?

Sadly, it was today reported that what appears to be a  solitary Scotsman was one of the casualties of the MH17 "disaster". His name is Stephen Anderson. The BBC reports on how he previously was employed "running the search and rescue and aircraft maintenance teams at RAF Lossiemouth in Moray".

Prince Willliam was, until very recently, a RAF search and rescue pilot.

He was up in Scotland on 29th May where he, allegedly, spoke at length with other "search and rescue" helicopter "staff". There was speculation he would move to Lossiemouth. Back in 2009 (again) there was talk of Richard Branson operating a "spaceport" from Lossiemouth. (The Independent)

From Aangirfan re the (Glasgow) Clutha (police helicopter) crash last year. A crash which happened on the eve of St. Andrew's Day - 29th November - the 30th being the 333rd day of the year (Half way there) :

The pilot who died in the crash, Captain David Traill, 51, was a former RAF pilot and instructor.
He is thought to have been one of Prince William's flight instructors...

 I wrote about the Clutha myself, in respect of Marilyn Manson, the "sacrificial" murder of Jodi Jones, and magick (here) :

The helicopter crashed through the flat roof of the Clutha Vaults at 22:22 on 29 November 2013
Note that exactly a year and a day prior, on 28th November 2012, Marilyn Manson played Glasgow's S.E.C.C. venue which is located on the north bank of the River Clyde.(here) . The Clutha sits on the north bank too, just a couple of miles away. (map here)
Allegedly, a year and a day has great importance in magickal circles.

Issue 1111, a coincidence. Date 22/02/2010 = a coincidence

Remember that Stephen Anderson was based at Lossiemouth.

Remember the "McCanns" ? I did a google on RAF Lossiemouth.  I got to the defunct whistler, which took me to Christopher Spivey - "Big Ears, Brown, and those 48 unanswered questions Kate McCann refused to answer" :

By the time Mitchell arrived in Portugal three weeks after Madeleine’s disappearance, Gerry needed assurances from the Establishment that he was being taken seriously. To this end, Prince Charles and Camilla made a press release that came out of Clarence House on May 27, 2007. They were giving their full support. The single sentence press release said

“The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall said they had been following the case of missing Madeleine McCann “closely and with deep concern” and “fervently hoped” she would be reunited with her family.” Another indication of Royal influence came from McCann in his blog when he wrote “The rest of us attended mass which was very emotional as a priest from RAF Lossiemouth was visiting and further prayers were said for Madeleine.”
RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland is a significant location for Prince Charles having been flown there as a boy when he attended school at Gordonstoun which is just a mile from the military base...

July proved a difficult month for the McCanns. Three of their Tapas friends were reinterviewed in Portimão on Wednesday July 11, 2007. Gerry McCann returned to London the same day as a guest of Gordon Brown and Prince Charles at the Police Bravery Awards sponsored by the Sun Newspaper. Gerry tried to disguise this because in his blog he didn’t mention who had invited him and he entered the blog entry on Thursday July 12, 2007. The event took place on the evening of July 11 – the previous night. Gerry’s presence there was to meet with Brown and Prince Charles. Note: Many websites have repeated this error and reported Gerry’s presence in London as taking place on the Thursday.
Another puppet show, just post "vanishing act" as Kate's "bangles" should confirm

 Note that 12th July is as forementioned, "The Glorious Twelfth", an annual  ritual "invocation" to William of Orange. 

A McCann collects monies/displays posters at ("catholic") Celtic's Parkhead c 2007. The Queen's "secret message", contained within the Commonwealth baton, willl be revealed @ Celtic's Parkhead, a "year and a day" after George's birth
At this time of the year, the Queen is often ritually located in Aleister Crowley's magickally energised Scotland; at Balmoral - not Edinburgh's Balmoral Hotel where Rowling signed a bust of Hermes to commemorate "her" finishing of the Harrry Potter series, but rather, Balmoral.



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