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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Actively making monkeys...

Following on from my last few postings, it requires highlighting that HM the Queen is currently in Edinburgh, arriving yesterday in the longstanding monarchial, annual summer post Bannockburn ritual, now known as Holyrood week; the first day of which she traditionally partakes in the symbolic Ceremony of the Keys, an event in which she is offered the keys to the city of Edinburgh by the Lord Provost but hands them back stating :

I return these keys, being perfectly convinced that they cannot be placed in better hands than those of the Lord Provost and Councillors of my good City of Edinburgh.

In other words the Queen owns Edinburgh and is asked every year if she wants her keys back, but says she is satisfied with the current letting agents/arrangements.

She has a busy week ahead, including handing out a pair of Order of the Thistle's which I will no doubt write more about, today is the annual feast gathering or garden party, a veritable celebratory afternoon tea for the worthy of Scottish society , as we glean from Royal Insight page 3311 :

Another highlight is the garden party as it is known. King George V and Queen Mary held the first garden party in the grounds of Holyroodhouse and the tradition has been maintained to the present day. As with garden parties held at Buckingham Palace, around 8,000 individuals from all walks of Scottish life - charities, local government, the Armed Forces and other areas of public service - are invited to take tea and cake from marquees in the grounds of the palace. From the garden, guests have a wonderful view across to the extinct volcano known as Arthur's Seat, and Salisbury Craggs.

Anyhow going back to yesterday again, another event was taking place not far from Holyrood - just up the Royal Mile at the Carlton Highland Hotel - where "our" goverment Home Office minister for identity, Meg Hillier, met local business leaders and government officials to promote ID cards for citizens. The meeting was peacefully picketed by a group called NO2ID, however 9 "activists"were arrested in the process and charged with the all encompassing breach of the peace. Apparently, a four year old child was bundled into a police van along with his demonstrating mother, although this is not mentioned in the BBC report which can be found here:

The Home Office minister for identity, Meg Hillier, said: "We are committed to providing people with the option of having an identity card which will make day-to-day life much easier.


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