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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Diverting a discourse - a ruse

Pulling together recent postings, we read from the
BBC today of the installation of Lord Cullen as a Knight of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle, at St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, by HM the Queen, the appointment itself announced last year on St. Andrew's Day, 30/11, the formal ceremony today as part of the Queen's overseeing Scotland week:

Lord Cullen, who led the public inquiries into the Piper Alpha and Dunblane tragedies, will be installed as a Knight of the Thistle. Lord Cullen led the five-judge tribunal which heard the failed appeal of the man convicted of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing, Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi, in 2002.

Readers will no doubt be aware of the importance of the Lockerbie bombing in terms of our collective fear of terrorism (for want of a better phrase), alternative theories rather than that of Libyan involvement are still being unraveled, additionally the Dunblane tragedy, with resulting enquiry ,also had important ramifications in terms of gun laws and social fear perception in Britain, if not globally:

On 13/3/86 -a massacre of school pupils by one Thomas Hamilton - 33 struck by bullets, 18 deaths including his own plus another 15 injured. Regular readers will know my preoccupance with the number 108 - in this instance 108 bullets fired plus one to take his own life. The gymnasium where the massacre took place was demolished on 11th April 1996, a point requiring noting.

Again from wikipedia:

Since the massacre, questions have been raised about the actions of
Central Scotland Police in the case, and numerous Internet conspiracy theories have arisen regarding alleged involvement by Freemasonry,... Dunblane conspiracy sites still persist on the web.

And from one of these "conspiracy sites", a site called
freemasonary watch, we find an article originally written in the Scotsman ( surely not a conspiracy loving newspaper given it's owner is Rupert Murdoch) which appears to state the evidence for this alleged conspiracy, a solitary letter:

Among the 3,000 letters and reports uncovered is correspondence between a member of public and Lord Cullen's office regarding suggestions that the gunman, Thomas Hamilton, and senior police, who were aware of concerns over summer camps and clubs he ran, were Masons.

The letter, dated 11 April 1996 - less than a month after Hamilton killed 16 pupils and a teacher at Dunblane Primary School - said: "It is in the public interest that Lord Cullen be asked if he is a Freemason, given the widely held view by the public that Thomas Hamilton's Masonic affiliation was probably the reason that the Ombudsman overturned an earlier decision by Central Regional Council in 1983 to prevent Hamilton from running youth clubs, and that his Masonic affiliation probably facilitated his application for a gun licence."

The letter went on: "It is far too important to allow the Masonic implication to be whitewashed by furtive operations in the Freemasons, intent only in 'diverting a discourse' - a Masonic ruse - from the involvement of Freemasons and Freemasonry."

The official enquiry of course found no substance to the allegations. Yet what interests me about the Scotsman article is the date the purported letter to Lord Cullen's office was written, 11th April, exactly the same date as the school gymnasium was demolished. And of course the same date as Prince William received his RAF wings this year, the same date as the crowning of William of Orange and Queen Mary 2nd as joint Sovereigns of the United Kingdom and the same date that was chosen to leave the "stolen" "Stone of Destiny" in the alter of Abroath Abbey for "safe-keeping" as all noted in my recent post King Conn - the post discussing the symbolic slicing up of the Stone of Destiny cake at Edinburgh Castle by Messrs Alex Salmond and Sean Connery last week on the anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn.

And the whereabouts of these two gentlemen today ?
Alex Salmond is actually at the service at St Giles, witnessing the knighting of Lord Cullen. Connery is, according to the Daily Mirror, odds on to be in the Royal Box at Wimbledon where Scottish tennis player Andy Murray is in action. We read of Murray from his wikipedia entry as linked:

Murray attended Dunblane Primary School, where he experienced the Dunblane Massacre of 1996.. Thomas Hamilton killed 17 people, mostly children who were in a younger age group than Murray. Murray himself took cover in the headmaster's room. Murray says he was too young to understand what was happening and is reluctant to talk about it in interviews, but in his autobiography Hitting Back he says that he attended a youth group run by Hamilton.

That might all be coincidence, fate or destiny even, although I do find the date link between the letter sending, the gymnasium demolition and the noted facts above, fascinating.

Makes you wonder if, in the grand scheme of things, Lord Cullen sent the letter to himself.



Alex Robinson said...

I din't know how popular the name 'Cullen' is, but it's interesting that we have one of our own - Michael Cullen "currently serves as Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand, Minister of Finance, Minister of Tertiary Education, Attorney-General and Leader of the House. He is deputy leader of the New Zealand Labour Party, currently the largest party in Parliament."

I do find the name 'Cull'-en a little unsettling.

Alex Robinson said...

Actually just spotted that he was born in London - wonder if the two are related.

Newspaceman said...

Hiya ww, not that popular but there is a few of them and also a place called Cullen, in the North East - plenty Templar gravestones etc.


aferrismoon said...

Might the name have a relationship with Culloden?