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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Triggers with Attitude ?

History has been made. Prince William is the first member of the royal family to appear on the front page of a gay magazine. It's Attitude and it comes out next Wednesday, the 22nd, the day after Wills' 34th birthday. Bear in mind it's a leap year. Allegedly the bullying of LGBT people has it's roots in the classroom. (here)

Apparently the magazine went to print before the events in Orlando last weekend, so there's surely no possibility he's jumping on the bandwagon so to speak. Surely?

Yesterday, I noted the claims in court re the second coming of Jesus and the Stone of Destiny. Curiously, another story hit the Scottish headlines similtaneously, plans are afoot to move the Stone from Edinburgh Castle to Perth. Whether, and if so when this happens will be interesting. (Daily Record)

The Childcatcher - From London Olympic's opening ceremony

Coincidentally, coinciding with  William's ground breaking announcement, up here in Scotland the BBC are reporting via their "Scotland Live" reports that Jordan Daly,  "co-founder of the "Time for Inclusive Education" campaign said that despite the law banning the "promotion" of homosexuality in schools being repealed, there had been little progress in the past 16 years.

His comments come as party leaders said Holyrood must take a greater role in advancing LGBT equality.

Mr Daly says teachers need to be better informed.

"We're being told the same thing - that teachers do not know where the boundaries are. They do not really know where they can discuss LGBT issues. We have spoken to teachers in faith schools who believe that if they do discuss these issues then they might lose their job. It has to be made clear to teachers that you can discuss these issues, there is no law anymore that outlaws it".

Promotion being the salient word.

I have written about LGBT Scotland before, in particular referencing their A Very Gayleigh Ceilidh, targeting children aged 12+, which was held in my locality back in 2008. Flyers for the event were being distributed at schools and local health centres. In 2008 LGBT Scotland received £1.1 million from the Scottish Government. In 2008 the director of LGBT Scotland was a Neil Rennie. In 2009 Rennie was sentenced to 14 years inprisonment for sexually assaulting a three month old. Rennie was also a qualified teacher. (Who ate all the PIE)

We see the agenda unfold.



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Great piece thank you

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