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Friday, 17 June 2016

Jesus, Holyrood and the Stone of Destiny

Allow me to return to the events in Edinburgh's Court of Session, Tuesday past.

The "independence seeking" Sovereign Indigenous Peoples of Scotland  set up a shanty-camp outside the Scottish Parliament building at Royal Holyrood; the authorities are not happy and have commenced legal action to evict them.

A Mr. McFarlane spoke for them initially. He told Lord Turnbull that he personally had spoken to Jesus, who is here for his second coming, and Jesus want's the camp to stay. Jesus has also requested that the Stone of Destiny be transported to the shanty-camp in order that he can be crowned upon it.

Mr. McFarlane has tried to secure legal representation, allegedly contacting 144 lawyers, all of whom were too busy. Mr. McFarlane advised Lord Turnbull that Jesus had suggested that this was deliberate as they would "not wish to bite the hand that feeds them". Furthermore, Jesus loves all of us including Lord Turnbull.

Lord Turnbull rebuked Mr. McFarlane for not sticking to legal matters and for making "philosophical and spiritual arguments that could not be properly examined by the court".

I'm interested in Mr. McFarlane's thesis, unfortunately though I don't see it being Jesus being next to be crowned on the Stone. Rather, his opposite prior to global kingship. Perhaps Mr. McFarlane is occultly alluding to that, perhaps he assumes Lord Turnbull knows the blueprint intimately and is poking the hornet's nest?

It's worth noting that Lord Turnbull was one of the prosecuting council in both the Lockerbie trial and the murder Jodi Jones, on 3/6/3 - an act allegedly inspired by Marilyn Manson, an individual who has certainly got his finger on the pulse.

Marilyn Manson, Magick, Jodi Jones and the Clutha


The previous Court judgement can be found here.

Edinburgh Evening News.

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