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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Animal magick

Nutkinsnote background
In my last post, just yesterday,  I noted the abuse at Loch Ness based Catholic boarding school, Fort Augustus Abbey; tying it in with occultist Aleister Crowley, Boleskin House, disgraced Cardinal O'Brien, and ubiquitous deviant, Jimmy Savile OBE.

Today, the Catholic Church have apologised for the goings-on via the medium of the Bishop of Aberdeen, Hugh Gilbert. Hugh is, himself, an alumnus of Fort Augustus Abbey. (BBC News)

Back in January this year I noted that a mum and kids had "cheated death" after their car plunged down an embankment into Loch Ness. The mum was later revealed to be Jennifer McMillan, daughter of deceased BBC TV presenter, Terry Nutkins. (Otter than July)

Nutkins lived from age 11 with a homosexual man called Gavin Maxwell who, shall we say, had an alleged interest in young boys. Maxwell was cursed by a Kathleen Raine after spurning her sexual advances. Maxwell's house subsequently burned down. Maxwell left his entire estate - warts and all - to Nutkins. 

Kathleen Raine CBE was half Scottish and had a keen interest in spirituality. She blamed herself for Maxwell's misfortune based on her "Let Gavin suffer in this place as I am suffering now", aforementioned curse. Raine was intimate with W.B. Yeats, the Golden Dawn, and indeed Crowley. (From Otter than July):

In Kathleen Raine's, Yeats the Initiate: Essays on Certain Themes in the Work of W.B. Yeats, she notes of how infamous occultist, Aleister Crowley, and Yeats shared a common philosophy that the time of a "second coming" was imminent, and that Crowley  "placed himself in the services of Antichrist, the savage God of the new cycle" whilst for Yeats, "fidelity was to the old king", the "workman, noble and saint of Christian civilisation".  In the chapter, Yeats, the tarot and the Golden Dawn (a magical, Hermetic order and a main influence on 20th century Occultism), she again quotes Crowley and indeed references his Book of Thoth.

Nutkins purchased Fort Augustus Abbey and it's 22 acres from the monks around 1998 with big development plans in mind. Apparently Disney were interested. However, he subsequently sold it on in 2003. (BBC News)



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Maxwell left his estate to Jimmy Watt, another catamite.(The Independent, 13/7/14)

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