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Saturday, 3 August 2013


BBC apologise for offensive Prince William doodle ???

First things first, there's another 22nd July - Royal baby George - coincidence that I missed, aside from the Breivik and Boston bombing couplet.

It was on 22nd July 1933 that George Spicer allegedly spotted the Loch Ness Monster - the catalyst for the 20th century sightings of the alleged beast. The incident made the Inverness Courier on 4th August that year, the Queen mother's 33rd birthday.

Another "beast" who frequented Loch Ness, in an attempt to invoke demons, was occultist, Aleister Crowley, who considered it's Boleskin House which he "owned" from 1899 to 1913 to be " the Thelemic Kiblah. This is an Arabic word which refers to the direction of Mecca, the holiest shrine of Islam. It has a slightly different meaning in Thelema, as it is mentioned in several rituals written by Crowley where it is identified with the East. The Gnostic Mass and Liber Reguli  both identify the principal orientation (sometimes known as "Magical East") as being towards Boleskine. It is considered to be the focal point of the magical energies (also called the "93 Current") of the Aeon of Horus. In this way it is similar to Jerusalem in Judaism and Mecca in Islam.

Meanwhile, last week, the Daily Record, amongst others*, reported that Jimmy Savile was a "regular visitor" to the Loch Ness shored, Catholic boarding school, Fort Augustus Abbey. where, allegedly, pupils were tortured and beaten by the monks in charge. He used to arrive in his Rolls Royce, registration JS 247, a registration which  perhaps alludes to his alleged constant desire towards deviant sexual behaviour. According to the article, the pharmakos Cardinal, O' Brien, was also a "regular". It was the Cardinal who lunched with the Pope on 16/09/10, after praying over St. Andrew's bones, once the Pontiff had, unprecedentedly, met with HM Queen at Royal Holyrood in Edinburgh. Later, the Catholic top-gun would travel to Glasgow, no doubt passing the flumes of smoke expelled by the huge factory fire in West Calder. (BBC News)

Jimmy in Hermetic pose
Someone else with clear psychological problems, perhaps created by "Crowley's" magickal energies, is Dolly the sheep manufacturer, Sir Ian Wilmut. Ian, who looks like a boffin so he must be, is tickled with the concept of re-creating a mammoth. (Edinburgh Evening News) According to the story, all one needs to do is source some Mammuthus bone cells from the Siberian deep-freeze and put them in a container with some elephant eggs which one has previously grown, after transplantation via a mouse, because, as Ian points out, "it is not appropriate to try and obtain 500 eggs from a mammal that is becoming extinct". Not much else is explained.

* Note the Record covered the same story back in May, the BBC showing a proramme about it this week.


aferrismoon said...

B[oleskine] East?


Newspaceman said...

Good one Moon. Tried to get a close up on the top "William doodle" image to see exactly when the newspaper is dated and what the other words say, but can get definition. Note the "ring" is highly visible though.


Anonymous said...

July 22 - 'On 22 July, a council was held in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre to establish a king for the newly created Kingdom of Jerusalem.'

Anonymous said...

The number 247 might relate to Radio 1 years ago broadcast on 247 meters medium wave.

Newspaceman said...

Thanks Anons, re the BBC radio 1 angle, perhaps ?

There is also an intersting image of Savile with a Radio 1 T shirt on which appears to allude to 911, but maybe that's just... I have posted it before, if you want me to locate, just ask.

Also I noted a current TV advert for Radio 4, I think on BBC but cannot check, dont have a telly, definate 666, will try to locate.