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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Supernatural ?

In my last post I noted the potential "magical" symbolism between the abandoned Mercedes motor car in the car park of Edinburgh's Waverley Station car park and the U.S. Super Bowl, not forgetting Harry Potter, Prince Charles and Camilla.

Just to add some more stock to the broth, today's BBC reports of how the black-out at the Super Bowl was nothing to do with Scottish firm, Aggreko, who were providing power for the broadcasts and part of the part time show featuring Beyonce. Apparently their equipment operated "flawlessly". (See Twilight Language for more on the darkness)

Aggreko also supplied power for the London Olympics, their goat keeping chief executive is Rupert Soames. Rupert used to be a disc-jockey, in fact he spun the discs at Charles and Diana's engagement party. It's a small world. (here)

Meanwhile, moving to France, something I missed was Olympic "James Bond/Tower of London/speedboat" star and philanthropist, David Beckham, signing for Paris Saint Germain on Thursday past, 31st January. There is a similarity between the PSG "Eiffel Tower" logo and that of Mercedes. Beckham is presented via the media as a demi-god, no doubt we will see that crown move elsewhere in the foreseeable future, it's all part of the scam.

Back in Edinburgh, Phillipa Langley hit the headlines. Apparently she was researching a play on King Richard the 3rd when somehow, on a hot summer's day in a car park in Leicester, she developed goosebumps and became cold. Uncannily, she realised that she was walking on his grave and so funded a dig of the site - which indeed contained the bones of the King. The DNA confirmation was revealed on Monday past. (here)


Note potential subliminal "lion's paw" freemasonic "signal"  by Beckham, on "Saint David" image. More lion's paw malarky here. Note that in the wild, a male lion, when taking over a pride, will kill any other male lion's cubs. Note too St. Jerome (Treaty of Lisbon) and his alleged wounded lion, which left drops of blood from it's foot as Jerome travelled.


Anonymous said...

Baxter's soup motif: The Monarch of the Glen.......male king (Sun God)

PSG logo: A stylised (the Eiffel Tower) triangle within a will have to consult Blavatsky and ilk's writings for an explanation of this.
The crib/basket - a wicker basket a la Moses.....what secret does the woven lines of wicker represent ?
The fleur-du-Lys: The Trinity; that is the amalgamation of the queen and duelling twin kings. The eventual result of revolution - Hermeticism.....well favoured of the EU system (refer, in part, to Brussels and Strasbourg).


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Talking about the supernatural and royalty here's one that I put together after reading a Feng Shui magazine -

Now I get all the fuss over the topless shots on the water -
The Year of the Water Snake.-)

aferrismoon said...

Re: your earlier post concerning Romania, the country appears to be the source of the 'horsemeat' found in certain food products.

The pram on the PSG logo represents the crib of 'SunKing' Louis XIV.


Newspaceman said...

Cheers Anon2. Moses' basket made of wicker. Wicker - Weaving, as with rushes. Weaving a tale ?

Bridaz, I think the "black Isis" statue, in your post is Hermetic, with the fingers up to heaven and the "water carrier" below. Princess Di "advertised" Isis perfume.

Moon cheers. Horsemeat of the Apocolypse. Food prices will escalate now and we will only have ourselves to blame.


Anonymous said...

Wicker - weaving a tale....yes.

Wicker from reed and grasses. Reed is an old archetypal symbol for royalty.

Crib/basket - symbol of the womb/labyrinth, for the (re- ?) birth of a royal 'Sun' king.

Moses from the tribe of Levi.....adopted (?) by the egyptian rulers/monarchy.....what was their lineage ?......anything to do with Beckham's lion paw of Judah ???!!!?!!!!!
Remember Beckham wearing a red wrist-band a few years ago...the red hand; Zarah (who drew back in wearing the red band) and Pharez.


aferrismoon said...

The Horsemeat of the Apocalypse - great :)

Anyhow , nothing's what it says it is on the packet.

As we're on the Apocalypse I guess 'whore's meat' gets a look in.