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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Pie in the Sky

Tuesday 20th November saw a sprinkling of monarchical stories.

First was HM Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary, thus we were treated to some old black and white pictures of them, just so we remember how old they really are. (BBC).

Whilst, for further confirmation of their ageing process, apparently Monday night past saw the duo at the Royal Variety show where Prince Philip is alleged to have put his fingers in his ears, presumably to block out the noise. However, when asked on his favourite performer of the evening he replied "All of them [are] … but to be honest we’re both stone deaf". (here)

Meanwhile, dashing , young and uniformed, Prince William, also hit the headlines after pictures of him "working" in his helicopter rescue job were released. Apparently they showed some type of "confidential information" which led to some sort of "security crisis", forcing the Ministry of Defence to reset computer passwords. What interested me was his unusual armpatch which shows a Maltese style cross overlayed with a Pi symbol, along with his pig drinking mug - as imaged above.

One wonders if the pig is a subliminal nod to Animal Farm; Orwell's novel where the pigs take over the farm from the humans and the bulk of the other livestock find themselves out of the frying pan and into the fire, so to speak. 



aferrismoon said...

Pork Pi.

Porkie Pies = Lies.

I lived on Anglesey for many years, born there. Full of standing stones , dolmens and other druidic equipment, as well as the odd Magnox Nuclear Power Sta. which we lived close to for many years.

Here's the Pi and Maltese Cross:


Newspaceman said...

Cheers Moon, have amended post slightly in terms of arm-patch.

Pork pies - Good one


Unknown said...

wow... that badge is brilliant.

"honestly, the pigs don't see the slaughter coming, and we're sure their consciousness is dulled enough to not understand they're bred purely for your consumption."

for a sec i thought you might of 'shopped it together to add a touch of irony or something to the post. but it's real... i've rarer seen a more bold use of doublethink.

been a silent reader for a wee while now, and seeing as this is my first comment, maybe i should say, hello.

Anonymous said...

The pig (or sow) was a matriarchal succour to the young/children.
Why do you think the patriarchal religions (Jews & Muslims) try to have nothing to do with this animal ?

Maltese cross and 'pi' - read Peter Plichta.
The Woman (Underground stream of Knowledge) came to teach of the world of number and it's relevance to our world of 'reality' (i.e. of matter).....and it's irrelevance to the spiritual way.


Newspaceman said...

Hi Clarence, thanks and hello too. Glad you got the irony.

Thanks Anon 2, got a copy of the image of Dr. Plitcha's prime number maltese cross - most interesting, could do with getting his book. Thanks for other info too, here and in previous posts which I forgot to respond to, i.e the Savile Baphomet as above so below.