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Sunday, 26 August 2012

The balls still rolling

This week saw Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, released from hospital. He is still recuperating and will miss the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games on Wednesday, in London. (bbc)

The big story though, was of course naked Prince Harry fornicating with a posse of big breasted beauties in the gambling capital of the world - Las Vegas. The image at post-end is of Harry preparing to leave LA, note sign. Also note that given Murdoch's Sun has "illegally" printed the photos, this will cause ramifications in terms of future internet censorship, as they claim because they are available online, then they should be free to print them in their newspaper.

Meanwhile in Edinburgh today, the Paralympic flame was lit by a Rosie Smith, on the Mound in the shadow of the Castle; the one with the solitary ice-cream van, registration WMS 666 T. From there it will travel to the aptly named Stoke Mandeville, before combining with the other nation's flames.  (bbc)

From wiki,  616 "is believed by some to have been the original Number of the Beast in the Book of Revelation."

From wiki, 666 " is the sum of all the numbers on a roulette wheel (1 through to 36)."



Anonymous said...

Maybe its a case of 'mission accomplished'. He's taken the attention away from James Holmes (red) of the Denver massacre.

Notice Harry's red hair, blue shirt (like the olympics acrobats) + the number on the sign that 616.


Kal Dani said...

I dont often stick my neck out but as tomorrow is 117 (William's number) days before Mayan day perchance may we see an event (of probably fairly minor yet novel proportions) involving prince Willy?

Newspaceman said...

Thanks R, maybe it is accomplished but we will see some fall out in terms of future censorship, I fear.

Will see Kal, sticking one's neck out is generally not wise though (as I well know).


Anonymous said...

Maybe this is obvious/ well known, but Prince Harry's gematria is 1666.

Newspaceman said...

Anon, never knew that, thanks.

Anonymous said...

It is late but I note him flashing the triad claw in the picture.