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Wednesday, 30 May 2012


 Our anti-hero, Prince William, popped up in the press yesterday, after appearing on US television lamenting the loss of his mother, Diana, in respect of the wedding of Kate and himself: "It's the one time since she's died, where I've… thought to myself it would be fantastic if she was here," he said.

Also included in the BBC report was the matter of Wills receiving another honour from his Grandmother, this time the Order of the Thistle, which he is due to receive in the first week of July at Holyrood in Edinburgh - the place where the Queen met the Pope a couple of years back in the shadow of Arthur's Seat and not too far from the "Stone of Destiny".

What's not mentioned in the  report is that the Order of the Thistle was apparently "revived" by James 7th of Scotland (son of James 6th and 1st  - United Kingdom amalgamater, Bible reviser and promoter) on the same date, 29th May, back in 1687, exactly 325 years to the day of yesterday's announcement. No one seems to know for sure where it was "revived" from; some say it was to do with the Battle of Athelstanesford, where the St. Andrew's Cross appeared, miraculously, in the heavens; others that it marked an alliance between Scotland and  the Emperor Charlemagne and, others still, that it relates to Bannockburn and Robert the Bruce.

In the latter regard, perhaps note should be taken of Jeff Nisbet's, The Mystery of Bannockburn, where he notes the astronomical formation in the  heavens at the time, the hermetic dictum "as above, so below" and indeed the possibility that Bruce received handers from the infamous Knights Templar.

And, whilst on that topic, it is worth again highlighting that Lord Cullen, overseer of both the public enquiry into the  Dunblane massacre and the appeal of the alleged Lockerbie bomber, al-Megrahi, is a fully fledged Knight of  the Thistle. The astronomical/astrological planetary line-up for the  Lockerbie bombing is shown below, note the abundance of planets in the sign of Capricorn - the Goat - and the  planet Mars (war) at mid heaven. Remember too that Lockerbie is named after the mythological  Norse "trickster-God" Loki, and that Megrahi was allegedly born on April's Fools Day.


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