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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

one to one

Just following on from my last post, it appears that Prince William will receive his Thistle-Knighthood during the week 2nd - 6th July, the Queen's official Holyrood Week.

Meanwhile, today it was revealed that Disney film Brave, the one about the girl with the striking resemblance to News of the World ex-editor and alleged criminal, Rebekah Brooks, unwittingly unleashing chaos and the forces of darkness in Scotland, is to have it's European premier at the 66th Edinburgh Film Festival, something which  I have touched on before. What is new news is that it is to be the closing Gala out of 121 new films - 121 being 11 squared  - and will premier on the 30th of June.

For those unaware of the double-eleven enigma, especially in relation to Scotland, I would direct you to Uri Geller - who is apparently infatuated with the numerals - and his purchase of Lamb Island in the Firth of Forth where he believes that returning Egyptian princess Scota stashed her loot. Not forgetting Prince Wills and his dark front page appearance on Hello magazine issue 1111, again something often touched on here.


bbc report - Brave premier

wiki - Scota


aferrismoon said...

The SpaceX Dragon will be coming to earth today.

As it comes through the atmosphere doubtless it will get very hot and perhaps look like a flying redhead


Newspaceman said...

It's all heating up Moon, Coulson (Rebekah Brooks) arrested re Sheridan perjury, the torch up here shortly, headless corpse in Dunoon, body parts in Canada - the suspect, Luka Magnotta uses an alias Vladimir Romanov, same name as Heart of Midlothian chairman etc. etc. cheers

Kal Dani said...

Message understood and deleted N.S?


Newspaceman said...

Kal, I don't mind you leaving a relevant comment but leaving 4 seems rather pointless, especially when they don't really have anything to do with the post - i.e Brave, Scotland redheads, House of Stuart.

If you can condense it into one, that would be great.


Kal Dani said...

Oh ok.