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Saturday, 12 May 2012


Prince Charles went global on Thursday due to his appearance on BBC Scotland, forecasting the weather as part of his annual "Holyrood week". I recall his birthday a couple of years ago when he was interviewed by Channel 4 and asked his views on religions. He told how there was a element of truth in them all and promised that, shortly, humanity would enter a time of great revelation.

Anyhow, it was really miserable weather-wise up here on Thursday and Charles, after  speaking of the gales and rain, thanked God that it wasn't a Bank holiday. That was after he mentioned Balmoral and Hell - not the recently oft-mentioned here Balmoral Hotel, but rather another of his family's Scottish holiday homes. No doubt he then returned "home" to Holyrood, and watched the rain fall on Arthur's Seat - one of  Edinburgh's "seven hills".


 Top image - Scottish Sun ((here) .

BBC- Prince Charles weather forecast sweeps the globe.


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