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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Leg Pulling

Charlie Gilmour, son of Floyd Dave, also hit the headlines on double eleven Friday.

The reader will recall his exploits at the student "revolution" march in London in late November, his black attired pendulous swing from the Union Jack draping the Cenotaph creating fantastic media images.

As noted here last month, Charlie had been charged by the authorities with violent disorder along with theft in respect of a mannequin leg. This latter charge has now been dropped whilst another added; that of attacking the Royal convoy later that day.

The Royals being on their way to the Wizard of Oz advertising, Palladium, for their Variety Show. (A Yellow Brick Road)


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Anonymous said...

This is not on! I am being attacked constantly through the wall by a schemie wee rodent fellow for months now.

Now i am being referred to as Bawheid ever since i got one over the fellow.

"Bawheid: a person who has raffled all their doughnuts, a pure numpty."

How dare he! Still, correct me if im wrong but is it not indicative of inceased respect that i am now refered to as bawheid now and not a bam?

Should i be at all concerned?