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Saturday 12 February 2011

Forever blowing doubles

A quantity has been written by others on the subject of the numbers 11 11, or eleven eleven, with many saying that it is of great spiritual importance; mostly in a positive manner. Just google it. Personally I am not that confident, seeing it more of a wake up call in ominous terms, given Prince William and his "dark" appearance last 22nd February in issue 1111 of Hello, notwithstanding Armistice Day, for example.

With that, then yesterday surely was to be a day of some numerological significance, given it's date 11/02/2011: a beautiful palindromic, amongst others, sequence. So what happened ?

We saw Egypt, apparently freed from it's manacles, embracing a new philosophy of democracy and thus alleged freedom.

We saw a legacy announced for the crown-like Olympic stadium - it is to be used by football club West Ham United, post 2012.

We saw the release of a coin commemorating the forthcoming marriage of Wills and Kate, it costs a fiver, three quid to children, and has no face value.

And, again using the formula provided in my last post, we can crack this code. For yesterday, low and behold, who should pop up in the Scottish media but Barry "Braveheart" Hughes, an alleged Glaswegian criminal gangster mastermind. His crime on this occasion was to have constructed an activity centre for his children in the wrong part of his garden, somewhere overlooked by neighbours of the complaining variety. He has subsequently moved the structure to a more suitable part of the garden -where no one notices it.

Thus, in the 4 noted stories from yesterday we saw Egypt jump from frying pan to fire. Worthless Wills 'n Kate coins sold by the Royal Mint. The crown-like Olympic stadium to be the future home of a club nicknamed the Hammers. Hopefully you notice, eleven eleven does not forebode well.


Also see no bones about it re lightbringing ritual (as per image) at the Olympic Stadium in December on the solstice.

BBC- Royal wedding coins
West Ham story
The Sun - Barry Hughes ordered to court.


aferrismoon said...

'Blowing Doubles' is spot on. WEST Ham United came back from 3:0 to draw 3:3 against WEST Bromwich Albion yesterday.

Oddly the bottom four in the EPL all begin with W [ double-u].

Wasn't Bubbles Michael Jackson's monkey?


Newspaceman said...

Aye moon, and two horses die at Newbury . Fenix 2 and Marching Song.


little dynamo said...

"West Ham United, post 2012"

as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man

Ham was the "dark son" of Noah ... the Hamites infer postdiluvial population dispersals in africa and adjacent portions of the middle east

from Ham's defilement (betrayal, sodomy) of his father comes the "curse of canaan"

numerous psalms identify Ham with Egypt specifically (eg 78:51, 105:23,27, 1 Ch 4:40) -- so when connecting with current Egypt "apparently freed from its manacles" the operative word would be "apparently"

a parent lee

"West Ham United post 2012" suggests the united NWO, ie roles of both UK and US, with emphasis on US b/c US already has a Hamite (Barack) as its NWO leader (UNited with "Dark Willie" praps in post-2012 dystopia)

certainly obama as Ham could be said, both metaphorically and v concretely, to be sodomizing fatherhood and manhood in the US and throughout the world



Anonymous said...

Fenix 2 was the name of the capsule that rescued the chili miners or was it peru z