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Monday, 5 July 2010

Poking the ring

The last post ended with the theory that humans are being farmed, based on the Oatridge College crop circle scorching: the pyramid-like hill, Binny Crag, the shepherd's crook, and the sun, setting in the West, resonating the end.

Often, when I studied at Oatridge, I would muse over the cows and sheep, wondering if they knew they were being farmed and, if so, I wondered whether they were happy with food, shelter, and protection in return for giving their bodies for human consumption. I half hoped so, given my diet, but the other half hoped they did not; that they fostered a desire to escape, to wander wild and free.

Unlike the Pope, due on 16th September to meet Protestant pin-up, HM the Queen, at Holyrood, the pontiff's original route down the Royal Mile deemed too risky by security chiefs we are told, thus a diversion is to be put in place which will see the Catholic's top-boy travel along Princes Street instead. (see Come Dine with Me)

As such he will now travel past the imposing sandstone Scott Monument, a grey and dirty looking tower erected in 1844 in honour of author Sir Walter Scott, The Wizard of the North. The reason for the somewhat ugly appearance is apparently bitumen within the stone, quarried from Binny estate and transported to Edinburgh by rail and canal, which provides a suitable adhesion for the soot and dirt.

With cleaning, below the grime one would find the original, bright, yellow sandstone; rather like beneath the nowadays somewhat grubby religions of catholicism and protestantism, lies a bright, new, something to worship, a new Prince for the Age of Aquarius, commencing c2012.


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