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Monday, 26 July 2010

The Proof of the Pudding

When one thinks White house, one thinks America. However, one may be wrong. There is an older white house, or Candida casa, in Scotland - a church established in by St. Ninian in the fifth century which later became his shrine.

Little is documented of the saint, although he is credited with being an early Christian missionary among the Picts. His feast day is 16th September, the same day as the Pope flies into Edinburgh for his UK visit, and thus a parade has been organised in the capital to coincide with the Pontiffs spellbinding meeting with the Queen.

As the two top dogs chinwag at Royal Holyrood Palace, a procession will take place along Princes Street: 1000 pipers and 800 children from schools named after St. Ninian to be followed by a "pageant featuring 26 characters from Scotland's Christian past". None other than Catholic hating John Knox, the leader of the Protestant reformation, is to be featured, for, as we note from the Evening News' Opportunity Knox for the Pope's parade :

Church organisers said they wanted the pontiff's visit to be a "unifying" occasion and were planning the parade as a national event rather than a purely Catholic affair

There is another connection between the Holyrood and the Scottish white house, one which takes us to the later U.S. building. In 1128, King David claimed to have been saved by God from a deer which he was hunting, the deer's antlers turning to a cross as it attacked him. In recognition he began building an Abbey on the spot, in the shadow of Arthur's Seat, to be known as Holy Cross or Rood. Also in 1128 a new cathedral and priory were built on the Candida Casa site.

As well as Abbey building and hunting, King David is renowned for the many changes he brought to Scotland known as the Davidian Revolution, including Gregorian reformation, foundation of monasteries and the Normanisation of the government. All the fresh building work brought skilled stone masons and it was around this period that a lodge opened, indeed the Mother Lodge of freemasonry, number 0, located at Kilwinning.

And from there the lodges expanded over the globe, utilising the slave, tobacco, whisky and cotton trades to establish the backbone to the modern Western world and economic structure we inhabit today.

And, as noted before here, from this historic grand meeting on the 47th Problem of Euclid resonating 16/9 we find another big problem brewing.

The aforementioned unification and a fresh, dark Prince for all to worship.

Image - Blackheart sausage, the brother to the Braveheart as noted in previous post.

47th problem of Euclid - the Veil lifted (Review of Freemasonry).

Masonry in Scotland before formation of Grand Lodge in 1736.


Paulo said...

Maybe King David should have kept his ideas to himself.Casa means house in portuguese. cheers,Paulo.

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Paulo. David also brought the Rampant Lion or dragon flag to Scotland, it was seen in 1138 at the Battle of the Standard when the Scots army indulged in barabaric behaviour. A strange sort of Christianity. The lion appears in many nationalities, I am sure that Sporting Lisbon sport it on their crest.

Candida means shining/glittering white, a bit like the pyramids I believe.

When a male lion takes over a pride it kills all the cubs (other bloodlines)



Anonymous said...

So glad you started posting again - even the tiny hiatus had me worried because I enjoy your blog SO MUCH.

Thank you for the work you do, I believe you are spot on.

aferrismoon said...

Candida also causes thrush , does that mean someone is going to get rash


Newspaceman said...

Anon, thanks, appreciated.

Aferrismoon, spot on, I have added a another picture to the post reflecting that.


ray said...

"And from there the lodges expanded over the globe, utilising the slave, tobacco, whisky and cotton trades to establish the backbone to the modern Western world and economic structure we inhabit today."

drugs, baby, never forget the drug market -- distribution, in some cases production, and then clean up with "war on drugs" megafunds, prison industries, etc.

all v tidy and old

this post shows both the Blackheart squared circle (e.g. Holderness again) and part of the unfolded cube, which here occults the "trapping triangle"