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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Sticky Situation

Today we saw the follow up to Scots born Prime Minister Gordon Brown's meeting yesterday, 3/3/2009, with 44th American President Barack Obama, as he addressed both houses of the US Congress.

The speech was due to commence at 16.00 our time, however we read from the BBC,
as it happened, of how Mr. Brown took the podium slightly later than anticipated, eleven minutes later to be precise, whilst he finished at 16.44 with the statement:

"Let us restore prosperity and protect this planet and, with faith in the future, let us together build tomorrow today".

thus speaking for 33 minutes.

The main points of the speech are detailed in the above link; including the Knighthood to Senator Ted Kennedy, the "unbreakable bond" between the UK and the US, and the statement "There is no old Europe, there is no new Europe. There is only your friend Europe." . I trust I have made mine.



Anonymous said...

"There is no old Europe, there is no new Europe. There is only your friend Europe."


"All will love me and despair!"

-- Galadriel under the ring

cheerio, ray

Anonymous said...

"Eur-a-peon- Union" is more like it.

Newspaceman said...

cheers Ray. Before the speech, the BBC's top political reporter, Nick Robinson, gave an interview on the Today programme about GB and the Americans. It had already been "leaked" about the Kennedy knighthood. The duration of the interview, a JFK resonating 11 mins 22.

scroll down to 8.10am.

Skinjob P - cheers, we are all Peons. You miht like this post on Europe that i wrote last year -

Anonymous said...

Cool thanks for the link. I really dug the rubics cube analogy, with the middle part that holds together, can not be seen.

Didnt Know what to make of the ISBOA thing, but maybe its an anagram (AOBIS; ANUBIS) comes to mind

Again, good one