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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Picking the bones

Rolling in nicely with recent posts - thinking Glencoe massacre, thinking G20 summit, thinking global King, thinking James Shelby Downard's JFK Killing of the King ritual - is the story from today regarding a Glaswegian, Robert McDonald, aged 60, who was arrested on Sunday at John F Kennedy airport, en route Las Vegas from Rome, after attempting to leave the aeroplane through the emergency exit.



aferrismoon said...

Fine thread with Glencoe Security . The Campbells apparently did the deed, so we get Soup, and another famous MDonald = Flora [ margerine], add Ronald and an unholy Trinity of canned and processed food , doubtless for the Masses.


Anonymous said...

seconded AF, fear and loathing in la vega via neverended empire

old mcDonald tried to sink the jumping ship! lol

cheerio, ray

Newspaceman said...

Cheers to you both. AFM, been building a replacement "raised bed" for the vegetable patch today, out of scaffolding planks and some old posts I got from the field up the road. Soil is the main thing though and it smelled sweet today, I turned it a few months ago and jack frost has done his job as he has for a few years now, although he has worked a lot harder this year. Will disguise the planks with bricks though, so it will look ok for da boss.

Ray, I have only been on a plane once,it was ok I suppose but nothing to write home about. I would imagine he was gasping on a fag (a cigarette I hasten to add).