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Sunday, 16 March 2008

Regal King Size et cetera

Pack of snouts

Few readers will have forgotten, or should that be allowed to forget, heroic, kilt wearing Glasgow Airport baggage handler - John "Smeato" Smeaton - the man who took on the "terrorists" when they attempted to ram-raid his workplace and since has become a worldwide celebrity, cutting records, writing a newspaper column, even receiving a Gallantry Medal from the Queen amongst numerous other bravery awards. O

Yet, extraordinary revelations in today's Sunday Express reveal that workmates, who were idling at a cigarette break along with Smeaton at the 3.11pm attack time, have stated that John "grossly exaggerated" his role in the affair; in fact simply continuing to puff on his cigarette until called to help by fellow employee Mary McCandlish who was attempting to single handedly pull a member of the public away from the blazing vehicle and subsequently received a somewhat paltry pair of cinema tickets for her brave efforts.

There appears to be various theories behind this somewhat unbalanced state of affairs, some are saying that it was Smeato's support of Glasgow Rangers football team that influenced matters, others that it was simply because he took to the media limelight like a mason to secrets.

Perhaps the real reason will remain "hidden" in time honoured tradition although maybe, just maybe, John's surname reveals all.

Grey area ?


Sunday Express story here

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