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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Of blackbirds, nests, and parasitic cuckoos

Today I saw a lady blackbird with a large twig in her mouth and I thought of her nest, under construction somewhere nearby, well out of the prying eyes of potential predators and disguised perfectly to blend in with the background.

Yet had I did not already known that birds make nests to lay eggs and rear their young, I could have been somewhat mystified as to the reason for the bird's burden, perhaps imagining erroneously that the twig was for another purpose. It may have taken some hours - maybe even days - of observation, to ascertain what exactly she was up to.

Our current world situation is comparable - although working on a far greater time scale. All around us we see the twiglets of "change": the development of the "old third world", the imposition of a new European order, the economic collapse of America (and her knock on effects), the fight against "global warming".



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See here or here

aferrismoon said...

Note the parasitic cuckoo that leads to some computer virus page called DUMURO

FilmNoir23 said...

quite poignant...

Newspaceman said...

Sorry aferrismoon, I have been bombarded with them recently.

Feathering nests.

cheers too Todd.

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ps, aferris, a lovely irate, angry and numeric 9 - 11 comment from yourself.