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Thursday, 31 January 2008

Give 'em enough rope

It seems ridiculous to consider that somehow French financial trader Jerome Kerviel and Saint Jerome or Jeronimo are connected in any way other than a simple coincidence of name, yet to my mind, they are.

To realise just how the two Jerome's subtly interact we must look at the bigger picture - the blueprint for a future social structure that appears to have been written hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago. For it is now that we are beginning to see the outcomes which have been planned and plotted for many years; a new order for humanity, but unfortunately for us, an order based on inhuman principles.

What does Jerome Kerviel have to do with this.

First we must understand a fundamental law of capitalist economics. Supply and demand. When goods are in short supply and demand for them high, their cost goes up. When there is little demand and plenty product the price goes down. You will see this concept at work in the shops when purchasing vegetables over the course of a year. For example, broccoli is cheap at the moment; being plentiful.

It seems that Jerome's job involved dealing in colossal sums of "money" in order to exploit microscopic fluctuations of share values in the stock market. It is, to a certain extent, irrelevant. What is relevant is that his employers, Societe Generale, sold vast quantities of Jerome's stock "holding" on Monday 21st January, thus forcing stock prices down in the bargain. America was holidaying that day and therefore not trading: as such the French bank was offloading to a half empty marketplace

Thus, when the aforementioned economic rules of supply and demand are applied, we can see that there was less demand on the Monday because America was shut. Additionally, S. Generale had an astonishing £37 billion worth of Jerome's stock to unload in order to redeem his position, which increased the "supply" to the financial markets and thus reduced the share price accordingly.

Then on the Wednesday, the "fraud" seemingly as yet still not common knowledge, the Federal Reserve cut U.S. interest rates by 0.75%, the largest reduction for 26 years, citing the slump in stock market values as rationale.

It is now, in my opinion, that you are seeing the beginning of the end for America's financial system. Like any structure built on shaky foundations - in this instance debt - once it starts to crumble and the cracks appear then it wont be long before total collapse ensues. Jerome Kerviel being the final catalyst for the inevitable economic meltdown.

But this is all part of the New World blueprint, for as shocking and unbelievable as it may sound, this was always meant to happen. It was not so much on the cards as the cards themselves. It is why America is what it is and was designed by a Grand Architect of some description.

Jerome and America were destined to fail.

And, as America writhes in it's death throes, a birth is simultaneously occurring. A new Europe, bound by the Treaty of Lisbon and seemingly dedicated, given the numerous "coincidences", to none other than Saint Jerome and his lion.

Everything has to be dismantled before it is rebuilt.

Intercontinental alchemy.


BBC report is here.


Michael said...

Interestingly, my father "in law", who is a member of the NY stock exchange, has taken every cent out of the stock market - which is an unprecedented move on his part.

This article at Market Watch refers to a catastrophic, unforeseeable event as a "black swan". (tying in to your sitting ducks above)

"The brilliant supertrader and risk manager Nassim Nicholas Taleb says a "black swan" is an extremely rare, improbable event (like 9/11) that cannot be predicted, yet has catastrophic impact. Black swans are events outside the vision, experience and technology of the world's derivative traders' geniuses. What will the black swan destroy? How about the derivatives market that spreads so far beyond subprime loan obligations."



Newspaceman said...

The whole thing will dissolve Michael. The US will be bankrupt, yet still fighting wars overseas.

Obviously it will be portrayed as total collapse, humanitarian suffering both in US and in war zones.

Kindly Europe (the power behind it anyway) will step in, bringing peace and stability as per the Bible.

Money is just a tool, it does not really exist as such - more a perception. If there is no food to buy in the shops, it has no purpose really and generally inflation will rocket, hence money is "devalued".

Money has most value to those who really control matters- not because they want the actual tangible product - but the power it brings.

Hence business role models are people like Alan Sugar and Donald Trump - our children view them as a success because that is the way our society portrays them.

These people collect money 24/7- they believe (or it is portrayed) that it is the main thing in life.

That is where we have all gone wrong (collectively)