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Sunday, 13 January 2008

MacLantis - The West Lothian Question

Allow me if I may to briefly resurrect, Dallas style, Patrick Duffy and the Man from Atlantis; well Atlantis anyway.

These quotes are from The Lost Continent , written by Aleister Crowley, depicting his vision of Atlantean society.

"Honour thy father and thy mother." On the contrary, they worshipped their children, as if to say: "This is the God whom I have made in my own likeness."

"The whole population was put to perpetual hard labour. The young and active tended the amphibians, grew the corn, collected the shell-fish, gathered the "bread from heaven" for their elders, and were compelled to reproduce their kind. At twenty they were considered strong enough for the factory, where they worked in gangs on a machine combining the features of our pump and treadmill for sixteen hours of the twentyfour."

"The language of the plains was simple but profuse. They had few nouns and fewer verbs. "To work again" (there was no word for "to work" simply), "to eat again," "to break the law" (no word for "to break the law again"), "to come from without," "to find light" ("i.e. "to go to the phosphorus factory) were almost the only verbs used by adults. The young men and women had a verb-language yet simpler, and of degraded coarseness. All had, however, an extraordinary wealth of adjectives, most of them meaningless, as attached to no noun ideas, and a great quantity of abstract nouns such as "Liberty," "Progress," without which no refined inhabitant could consider a sentence complete."

And from from Queen Victoria as regards Scotland:

"This most beautiful country, which I am proud to call my own, where there was such devoted loyalty to the family of my ancestors"

This week, Trevor McDonald, returns to the ITN news programme which is also being rescheduled to go "head to head" with the BBC's at 10 each evening. Ever wondered how so many black people have got Scottish surnames ? See Kunta/Toby/Roots again and remember who actually founded the United States of America as it is today. This post I wrote last year might help clarify your thinking, if indeed it needs clarified.

I took this picture today in Livingston New Town, West Lothian, Scotland.

This sculpture is known as the NORgate (North gate?) and sits on the Deer Park roundabout, just off junction four on the M8 motorway. To the right is a hill called Dechmont Law. It was there that a famous UFO/abduction case took place, involving a Mr Bob Taylor. Check the date it happened, 9/11 (UK). You can read about it here.

Maybe 5 miles further on (as the Craft flies) in the same direction, vaguely north west, you will come across Torphichen Preceptory, a place that those of you who are interested in Rosslyn Chapel and the Knights of the Templar will find worthy of investigation. I believe it has a starring role in a forthcoming film.

Close by is Cairnpapple Hill an ancient burial ground; it is said that the graves contained therein were those of giants.

cheers M8s ("
They had few nouns and fewer verbs.")

For those interested in the true history of our "human" world, please see here.

And the West Lothian Question ? - Enoch Powell can be credited with this.

Prince William visits Faslane, Scotland


Michael said...

It really does seem to be all about the Scotch Druids. Fascinating post. There was a bizarre Star Trek (Voyager) episode that had some crewmen "devolving" into previous evolutionary states via contact with some alien what not. The final state was exactly the picture of the West Lothian.

Newspaceman said...

Thanks Michael.

The area is just beside the UFO hotspot - Bonnybridge Triangle and also another abduction, on the A70 road, very close by.

This was about as far as the Romans made it North.