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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Fowl Play ?

Back in the 1970's, an infamous dog-trainer named Barbara Woodhouse, advocated attaching a  chicken cadaver to the neck of a dog and leaving it to rot for a couple of weeks. This would, according to Babs, break the dog from chicken-worrying.

Prince Charles - an keen advocate of Rudolph Steiner's biodynamic agriculture - has hit out at climate change deniers, calling them the "headless chicken" brigade : "It is baffling that in our modern world we have such blind trust in science and technology that we all accept what science tells us about everything – until, that is, it comes to climate science. All of a sudden, and with a barrage of sheer intimidation, we are told by powerful groups of deniers that the scientists are wrong and we must abandon all our faith in so much overwhelming scientific evidence". mail on line

Yet, curiously, there is little scientific evidence for the methodology employed in biodynamics :

"An example of one of Steiner's propositions is in respect of eradicating field mice. One has to catch a few and skin them when Venus is in the sign of Scorpio. Then burn the skins, collect the residue and simply scatter on your fields. From then on, one won't be bothered with the critters. Nursing Nature

Much biodynamics is based on astrology, especially in relation to the moon. It's Hermetic, as in what is going on above, in the planets, is mirrored below, here on Earth. It could be said that many of the elite occultly follow Hermeticism.

When the Lockerbie "bombing" transpired, there was an interesting juxtaposition of planets above :

Note the 5 planets, including Saturn, converging in the sign of Capricorn. Note too, Mars, planet of war, at mid heaven, directly above in the sky.

From Manly P Hall's, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

"The great Pan was celebrated as the author and director of the sacred dances which he is supposed to have instituted to symbolize the circumambulations of the heavenly bodies. Pan was a composite creature, the upper part--with the exception of his horns--being human, and the lower part in the form of a goat. Pan is the prototype of natural energy and, while undoubtedly a phallic deity, should nor be confused with Priapus. The pipes of Pan signify the natural harmony of the spheres, and the god himself is a symbol of Saturn because this planet is enthroned in Capricorn, whose emblem is a goat. The Egyptians were initiated into the Mysteries of Pan, who was regarded as a phase of Jupiter, the Demiurgus. Pan represented the impregnating power of the sun and was the chief of a horde rustic deities, and satyrs. He also signified the controlling spirit of the lower worlds."

Pan - am 103
Allegedly demented, "conspiracy theorist", James Shelby Downard believed that our world was controlled via sorcery, magic and alchemy. He believed that various acts, including the killing of President Kennedy, were rituals :

"If he abandons his appeal, it means that Lockerbie will be one of those mysteries like the assassination of President Kennedy that will remain unsolved for a long time - possibly forever."

So said politician Tam Dalyell, in response to the then anticipated release of Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi. (BBC News).

The link also makes reference to a lawyer, Paul McBride, who stated :

Megrahi is being treated well by the Scottish Government, he is being feted as almost a celebrity.
The way the Scottish Justice Secretary has conducted his business has been ham-fisted.
">We have what appears to be a shoddy, underhand, unexplained, secretive deal.

 Paul McBride was found dead in a hotel room on 4th March 2012, in Pakistan. He may well have passed away on 3/3.

James Shelby Downard noted that :

A "keystone" is the designation for which, when set in place, "keys" or locks the whole. A symbolic keystone is vital to the legend of the Masonic Royal Arch Degree of York. The earliest known record of such a degree is in the annals of the city of Fredericksburg, Virginia, on December 22, 1753.

Note that Lock-erbie, was carried out on 21st December 1988, enroute to JFK airport, whilst 1988 was a leap year with an extra day slotted in, thus the sun would have been extremely close to it's annual death, and rebirth - the winter solstice.

Lockerbie is named after a Norse "trickster" "God" - Loki, whilst Megrahi was allegedly born on April Fools Day. The "bomb" was allegedly planted in a Samsonite suitcase :

The early Freemasons were frequently known as Sam's Sons (i.e. Solomon's Sons), and Samson, who held up the two pillars of the temple, was used as their allegorical archetype."

At the Lockerbie enquiry, a  witness, Pierre Salinger, a former White House Press Secretary to Presidents John F Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, stated in court that he knew who the real bombers were but was told by trial judge, Lord Sutherland: "If you wish to make a point you may do so elsewhere, but I'm afraid you may not do so in this court."

He never did get round to making the point public knowledge and now is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. From James Shelby Downards KK-33: The Kennedy and Oswald burials were both at "Arlington": JFK at the National Cemetery near Washington, D.C., and Oswald at Rosehill Cemetery near Arlington, Texas. "Arlington" is a word of significance in Masonic sorcery and mysticism and it has a hidden meaning which ties in with necrolatry.

Sticking with Arlington, a remembrance cairn is located there for the Lockerbie victims, which was dedicated by Bill Clinton on 3/11/95. There is another in 'Merca, at Syracuse NY. James Shelby Downard stresses the importance of "ruby light" and ties it in with the metaphorical ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz. Syracuse is nicknamed The Emerald City.

Lets go back to the chickens.

Here in Edinburgh, a pioneer scheme has been launched within the confines of Edinburgh's Saughton prison. The BBC headline - Free range chickens kept in Edinburgh prison . Yet these "free" chickens are kept in cages set within another cage. There's maybe a moral there.



Anonymous said...

Thanx. I was still fumbling in attempts to delicately allude to what seems to be apparent allegorical implications in the respective fates of Rosie, Mikaael and Pan.

Newspaceman said...

Well done. I am chicken too.

Pan is the "god" of fields, woods, etc.

Downard talks of a "greening" ritual.

Sherwood - as in Lockerbie - resonates Sherwood Forest, of Robin Hood (green man) fame.

Megrahi left Scotland attired in black and white, with a Nike baseball cap.

Some say the Nike tick alludes to Saturn.


aferrismoon said...

An oil pipeline from Alberta to Texas called Keystone XL