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Thursday 7 November 2013

Chew Lips from Amsterdam

Just briefly, I touched on the Catholic/Protestant, William of Orange connection to Guy Fawkes and the "Anonymous" Buckingham Palace demonstration here.

Note that on Guy Fawkes night, (Catholic) Glasgow Celtic fans had already gathered in Amsterdam, ahead of their game last night. About fifty of them were attacked in a pub called the Old Sailor which resonates with (Dutch) William of Orange and his conquest pre Glorious Revolution.

Then last night, more fighting, with 44 arrests. BBC News



aferrismoon said...

A sort of nod to the Rangers-Zenit St. Petersburg match a few years ago, in Manchester.

St Petersburg was modelled on Amsterdam, to some extent


Newspaceman said...

Cheers aferrismoon. I remember it well, a Rangers fan was savaged by a dog there too. I think, from memory, it transpired he was a policeman.