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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Crocodile tears

Last week the Daily Record reported that Prince William has become more emotional on becoming a father and that he "can't bear the thought of animals being hurt". Furthermore, he has taken to listening to a recording of crickets and newts* on his phone to help him relax.

On Monday, the mail on line told of how Wills, Kate, and baby George flew by private jet to Scotland weekend past, to catch up with the Queen and Philip at Balmoral. According to the article, Wills is likely to "unwind by going deer stalking". 

A successful stalk, but not for the deer
Today's BBC tells of how Prince William's guard dogs, Brus and Blade, have been "put to sleep", shortly after he left his post at RAF Anglesey last week. The Sun carries an interesting front cover as imaged top, Rex being Latin for king. Personally, I would have chosen Rexterminate, something I believe will be carried out on the bulk of collective humanity in the not too distant future. After all the elite have the military firepower, space travel technology and genetic tampering techniques which they so obviously crave.

Who needs too many humans in the new Eden.


Note, my understanding is that newts are not exactly vocal.


... said...

Notice how tiny little stories are creeping into the news media on a daily basis about these two? Innocuous snippets of rubbish about everything, latest being about Wills being a good dancer! It gives me the feeling of a very very slow-moving brainwashing technique LoL!

hirundine said...

I wonder if this person sees his hypocrisy? Often new parents forget that others are parents too.

The drops of wisdom gained from parenthood, are really nothing new.

Like, I really care about these wealthy molly-coddled people and what they think?

Thanks for the blog, highlighting the ridiculousness.

Newspaceman said...

Thanks Marie, that's exactly what it is, "brainwashing". Note that mant children's "fairy tales" the King or Queen is prominent. Thus our children grow up believing in the myths.

Hirundine, I wonder too but believe most strongly that the Royals see themselves as some sort of protectors of the planet (that's another story), and invisage a recreated "Eden" with them as Gods of all the animals (including a diminished human population as worker slaves). Thus some animals are expendable and often these type of "game" i.e deer are specifically protected in their habitat simply for "sporting" purposes.

Parenthood - phew, it's a struggle.

Thnaks to you both, half way through new post but how long I don't know. Probably be end of this weekend, am struggling for time and motivation.