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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Numerical symbols

Just to condense and update my last post -

James Bond's Skyfall "Glencoe" Aston Martin registration number BMT 216 A - although originally seen in the film Goldfinger. In Skyfall, Bond invokes sexual relations with a lady called Severine, a "former victim of sex trafficking".

Glencoe, historically infamous for the massacre of the MacDonalds in 1692, allegedly on the orders of William of Orange and his wife Mary, due to a delay in pledging allegiance to the new joint monarchs of the "United Kingdom". My opinion is that it was a blood sacrifice.

Glencoe, topically infamous due to the avalanche last Saturday and of course, Jimmy Savile, who owned a cottage, steeped in "mountaineering history", in the locality. An avalanche of child abuse and indeed necrophilic allegations have surfaced over the BBC presenter, paedophile, and philanthropist, who elected to be buried in a golden coffin, encased in concrete, and set at a 45 degree angle.

Last Sunday saw a repeat of TV childen's show, The Tweenies. One of the puppets, Max, acted out the TV presenter role of Savile, which caused a bit of an outcry in the media and, according to the BBC on Monday, gave rise to a surely synchronistic 216 complaints.  That digit sequence, as of today, appears not to have risen. (here)

216 - a number, some would say, with a deep occult meaning. It had a starring role in the movie Pi - and it's main-man Max. Plato references it. It is 6x6x6. Will leave it at that, for now.



Unknown said...

"A surely synchronistic 216."

Indeed yes.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Interesting post. The first picture also struck me as a 9/11 sync with the September on his t-shirt and then the "i" in Radio and the 1 being identical, giving us the 11. Or indeed his pointing fingers.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I feel I have just stated the obvious above. I'm new at all this. :)

Newspaceman said...

Thanks Aangirfan, and thanks for the links too, they fairly boost my meagre hits.

Anon, that thought stuck me as well, no need to apologise, it's not that obvious - maybe just "coincidence" but certainly apt.

cheers, brian

Newspaceman said...
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Frank said...

It may get darker . Click - Emeli Sandy, Sandy Hook And Ballachulish

A reader pointed out that Ballachulish was used in Trainspotting by Danny Boyle . I am also struck by the similarity with Glastonbury at the Olympics and Glencoe mountains in the Savile image .

I wrote the post last night and read your article this morning .

Strange how it works .


Newspaceman said...

Hiya Anonymous, the last pic maybe states the obvious too - Stoke man-devil with the Crown.

My thoughts are that Savile was allowed to carry on with his nefarious activities because there is a greater purpose. Which is all being revealed.


Anonymous said...