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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Fudging issues ?

Just another "coincidence" ?

Back in November I noted James Bond's "Glencoe" car registration number, BMT 216 A. Given my OCD concerning numbers, I tied this in with the film, Pi, which revolves round a character, Max. That's not forgetting the Jimmy Savile angle.

 "In the film Pi, Max becomes obsessed with a 216-digit number in his quest to find the numeric equation behind existence, and is told by a group of Hasidic Jews that it represents the true name of God.". "As six cubed (6x6x6), 216 is also symbolic of the Mark of the Beast in Christianity".  

Today the media are reporting of another Savile scandal. BBC Children's TV show, the Tweenies, was shown yesterday morning (19/1) on the state-sponsored channel. In it, the "puppet", Max, parodied Jimmy Savile, whilst singing "one finger, one thumb". (here)

The more mature reader may perhaps need a gentle nudge to remember a potential paedophilic element concerning the "one finger, one thumb" song. It was, I recall, tunefully bastardised in an advert for Cadbury's finger of fudge -  "one finger of fudge is just enough to give you'r kids a treat". Peter Adamson (Len Fairclough), from uber popular soap, Coronation Street, was, in 1983, accused of tampering with children in a swimming pool; hence the jingle was revised in the playground to "one finger, one thumb, is just enough to given you'r kids a treat". (here)

Meanwhile, also on 19th January, 11 years ago in 2002, Peter Adamson died.


Note, today's (Monday) BBC reports that there have been 216 complaints about the show so far. For whatever reason they have chosen to highlight that particular figure, doubtless there will be more. 

Playground slang - here


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Interesting post.
I just did a post after reading your post on the London chopper crash -

So thanks for pointing out a few things to me,which helped me put my post together.

Speaking of numbers on cars in movies,you may also want check out some other posts I wrote mentioning this subject?

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Forget the above comment.
I've got this blog mixed up with the
Merovee blog.

but feel free to read anyway:-)

Newspaceman said...

Thanks for the info Darren, have left a comment on you'r darts post.

cheers, brian

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