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Sunday 9 December 2012

Nursing Nature

Biodynamics is something newspaceman is interested in and as such he shares a bond with Prince Charles, no less, according to an article in today's mail on line.

The headline itself should shine some light on the processes involved - We are aMOOsed ! Prince Charles triggers surge in "cosmic farming" where cattle are allowed to form personalities (and crops are planted according to moon phases) - although there is more to it than that, personally I would describe it as a blend of sorcery and hermetic horticulture/agriculture. The basic idea is that one takes into account the astronomical/astrological outlook (as above) before, for example, planting one's carrot seeds (so below).

The theories behind the methodology were allegedly discovered by Austrian philosopher, Rudolph Steiner, although in my opinion, they have probably been known for far longer than that. An example of one of Steiner's propositions is in respect of eradicating field mice. One has to catch a few and skin them when Venus is in the sign of Scorpio. Then burn the skins, collect the residue and simply scatter on your fields. From then on, one won't be bothered with the critters.

Whether or not it works, I cannot say as I have no fields, nor mice. However, if we go on the basis that it does, and that other biodynamic techniques work, then there is surely some scope for mind expansion.

Lets take for example Glencoe, scene of the infamous massacre, and of Jimmy Savile's lair. What if all those years ago, other principles of biodynamic magic were utilised. Perhaps the skull of an unfortunate MacDonald was obtained, cleaned, and filled with a mixture of whisky and haggis. It was then buried and, to this day, still emits a type of unseen force which unknowingly subdues the rebellious spirit of  the Scots.

After all, Charles himself has his own eco-model village in Scotland,at a place called Knockroon, the heart known as Adam Square. I refer the reader to a short post of mine, The Full Monty, where I considered the potential possibilities :

One can imagine the future, a helicopter lands in Adam Square, a crowd of young humans looking on in bewilderment. These are the survivors of the 2012 virus, somehow children were immune, their new "carers" rescuing them Pied Piper style.

Charles disembarks, although immaculate in white he is old and stooped like a poor man's Gandalf. He picks up a potato and looks at it. Then he cuts it in half and smells it and nods his head. The dozen or so adults in the 300 strong mob begin to cheer and whoop: "He says yes". The thick skinned children follow suit.

That night, they get chocolate



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