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Saturday 1 December 2012

Mountains out of molehills ?

Recent posts have centred around a Glencoe - James Bond - James "Jimmy" Savile - monarchy connection.

Let's go back to Glencoe and explore more, first by travelling 60 miles or so North East, to the Cairngorms. Today's BBC news resurrects a story about how Scotland beat Arizona in terms of filming  ( CIA) aircraft stunts for  Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, according to the special effects supervisor, Chris Corbould. Apparently Arizona is too bland.

Which allows me to resurrect the James "Joker" Holmes London Olympic connection as noted here. Basically, James "Jimmy" Holmes carried out his Aurora - Batman -  massacre very close to the same time as the Olympic torch was received at the Tower of London by Dame Kelly Holmes. Lord Coe, Olympic chairman,  noted that the tower was a fitting place for the flame to enter London because "it is where the power and the significance of the Monarch resides".

Let's then fast forward to the end of the Olympics. Who could forget the closing ceremony and Paul McCartney, resplendent in red threaded attire whilst bellowing out, Hey Jude, to close proceedings.

Which takes us swiftly back to Scotland and today's news. The mail on line reports of how wrinkly rocker, Paul, is to fulfil a boyhood dream by appearing in the Dandy comic (a 75 year-old institution) just before it ceases publication as a comic (but is due to resurrect - on line only).

Apparently he stars alongwith "Desperate Dan and friends".

From here, re Tribe of Dan :

James I of England (1567–1625) believed he was a king of Israel. (Note - James is also the 6th of Scotland, the Bible reviser and UK amalgamater)

A key tenet of British Israelism is the belief that the Israelite Tribe of Dan migrated into Europe before the other tribes of Israel because they were a maritime people (Judges 5: 17).
British Israelites believe that an early Israelite colony was established in Greece and quote from Josephus who wrote that the Spartans descended from Abraham and from 1 Maccabees 12: 21 which says the same thing, as well as quoting Stephanus of Byzantium who established genealogical links between the Greeks and Israelites. Links between Danaus and other ancient European peoples are further established in British Israelism literature.

British Israelites believe the Tribe of Dan left a trail all over Europe, pointing out that Jacob prophesied that Dan would be a ‘Serpent by the way, an adder by the path’ (Genesis 49: 17) meaning that he would leave a trail wherever he would go. British Israelites specifically believe that this trail would contain the word ‘Dan’.


wiki - The Dandy.

Note bottom image is Desperate Dan with horned pie. Surely worrying ?

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