Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Saturday, 6 October 2012


The above image is from today's mail on line and shows a mural which has been painted in the Brick Lane area of East London. Unfortunately for the artist, Mear One, various individuals have taken umbrage to the contents and claim it is anti-Semitic given the hook-nosed bankers who play the money-orientated board game Monopoly. Apparently it is reminiscent of  propaganda from the Nazi Germany era and thus the owner of the property on which it has been painted has been given 28 days to remove it, or the council will "take further action".

One can perhaps see that the portrayal of these "Jews" could be considered offensive to a few, but surely the inclusion of the large pyramid with all-seeing-eye capstone, along with the placard which reads "THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS THE ENEMY OF HUMANITY" is surely bang on in terms of the construction of our modern society and the imminent collective enslavement of mankind. It maybe needs pointed out here to some that the one-eyed pyramid is hardly a"Jewish" symbol and has more to do with freemasonry which, as I point out often, has it's current roots firmly set in Scotland, home of the Stone of Destiny. Disturbingly, the mail on line don't mention any of that.

Neither to they broach the concept of British Israel, a concept which suggests that it is the British Royal Family who believe themselves God's "chosen ones", the natural leaders of the planet. Nor that if indeed that is the case then potentially the Book of Revelation(s) is being acted out - "all the worlds a stage" - and especially if we think, like Mear One, of a shady cabal acting behind the scenes, co-ordinating matters to their amusement, a one world order and a one world currency going hand in hand.

I suppose it does not really matter who the Jews are, or if indeed the concept of British Israel and Prince William as "Antichrist" is true, the reality is that a one-world society is imminent, and Hitler's dream is coming true.



aferrismoon said...

It seems that someone has sprayed the word 'Haganah' which mans 'defence' , and was also the Jewish terrorist group bopping around Palestine when it was British-controlled.


Unknown said...

Looks like fine art.

- Aangirfan

Newspaceman said...

Thanks Moon, thanks aagirfan.


iconoclast said...

I like that picture; if I see it in poster format I'll purchase it.

How convenient (for them) that one isn't allowed to depict jews in a bad light or say anything bad about them. Poor jews :/ Wonder what it is they have to hide?
Here's a thought: do jews ever consider rhinoplasty?

Cbanks Swain said...

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