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Sunday 6 March 2011

Black Magick.

Soccer bad-boy, Senegalese born, El Hadji-Diouf, has recently joined Glasgow Rangers on a loan deal from Blackburn Rovers. Already he has caused major controversy after his behaviour at last weeks Old Firm derby - a game which may have huge repercussions for Scottish football and indeed Scottish society. Today we glance at his career to date and pose the question : Is he under a form of mind control related to the ongoing crime against humanity - the creation of a single global state where the emphasis is on work, and no play ? To answer this we must dig deeper into his history, the background of club logos, and take a look at how "mind control" is alleged to operate.

Lets begin at the beginning with his first club, France based Sochaux-Montbeliard. He played his first game for them in November '98, at the age of 18, although did not stay too long apparently a "succession of minor transgressions" resulted in his move on. One can see the logo of the club below, a lion, perhaps rampant, heading left.

To Rennes, where he was convicted of driving with no licence and causing a car crash. Given his age, the court sentenced him to community service. Here the logo appears to show two dogs fighting over a football. Then again it may be those twin wolf founders of Rome: Romulus and Remus, clutching a globe. Remember that what we see now in our current society is simply a reincarnation of the Roman Empire, and indeed others prior. Spot too the 911.

From there, Lens, where he lingered for two years. The club name suggests he was kept under close supervision - living life under a lens. The black and white castle logo seems innocuous enough, however note the adjoining twin fleur-de-lis, an ancient monarchial, amongst other things, symbol

It was then that Diouf crossed the channel, but, before we go there, lets have a quick introduction to mind control as discussed so deeply and eloquently by cannabis farmer, Fritz Springmeirer, in his must read epic:
The illuminati formula to create an undetectable total mind control slave. In it, the author explains how an infant is allowed to strongly bond with an adult (their handler), up till about aged two. Then, the infant is taken away from his source of love and protection, tortured, and placed in a cage. Later, the handler returns, the bairn is overjoyed to see him/her, but the handler simply joins in with the torturing. This creates a fracture within the infant's mind, a disassociation, which is then manipulated to create a "hidden" alter personality which can be utilised by their controller. Often, Disney cartoons are used to help in the creation and manipulation of the alter-person.

And so to England - Liverpool FC, where it did not take him long to commence a series of spitting incidents. One in particular gained notoriety, a game against Glasgow Celtic on 13/3/2003, where he was captured gobbing on their fans. He was charged with assault for this and fined £5000. Soon he left the club. Liverpool's badge shows a bird, purportedly a Liver-bird, more probably the phoenix, a mythical creature which recreates itself every 1000 years or so through the vehicle of fire.

Bolton Wanderers beckoned. Here he became a fan's favorite, despite another two spitting incidents. Manager Sam Allardyce considered sending him to a sports psychologist but instead sent him to Sunderland. Bolton's logo is fairly modern, the two twisty ribbons perhaps representational of the DNA spiral (see my previous post).

So, Sunderland and their Stadium of Light. Here he again courted a police investigation after telling a ball boy to "fuck off, white boy". Diouf alleged in way of defence that bananas had been thrown at him and he had been racially abused, however no fruit was found on the pitch. Sunderland's ground name resonates Eden's fruit offerer, Lucifer, the lightbringer; the twin heraldic lions roar for themselves.

Behold Blackburn, where he played in the number 18. After being charged by the police for another motoring offence in April 2010, he kept himself fairly clean until January this year, where he was alleged to have taunted Jamie Mackie, a Queens Park Ranger's player, as he lay on the pitch with a broken leg. For this he was labelled a rat. Blackburn's logo is a rose, something we shall return to, as with their club song which is played before every home game: Dion's Wanderer. Note their Latin motto, "Arte et labore" - by skill and hard work.

Thus Glasgow Rangers, the Billy Boys, the (William of) Orange, purportedly Protestant club, managed by Walter Smith. He starts his first game on 2/2/11, coming on after 20 minutes against Heart of Midlothian. Another couple of games then last week's encounter with Celtic, the purportedly Catholic team. Diouf gets involved in an altercation with Celtic manager Neil Lennon, before being sent off for dissing the referee at the very end. He defiantly marches towards the Rangers support pushing stewards out the way and accosting a police-officer. Then, he removes his top exposing bare torso and throws the strip into the half-mad fans. (It is only a day or two before the powerful spring new moon, thus we are in prime time for the dark arts).

The game ends with more fracas' and subsequently a high level enquiry is to be held regarding the fixture in general. It appears that many of Scotland's ills can be squarely laid at the door of this event: ultra violence, wife beating, excessive drinking and suchlike. The police are talking of holding the games behind closed doors and banning televised broadcast. Top politicians are involved; a summit is being arranged. Scotland's national sport, is, to all extents and purposes, under threat. Who knows where it will end. The next Glasgow derby game is on the 20th, a full moon, and a Sunday. All eyes will be upon it.

I leave you with the solar/global/whole world in our hands logo of Diouf's charity - for deprived children - and the thought that, according to Fritz, all top occultists must do good things in order to do bad. Hence philanthropy.

And my own thoughts that, perhaps, given the hateful and malicious atmosphere, Hadji's alter-personality has haywired at the Old Firm game (see Britney Speirs hair shaving for example). He has become disassociated, perhaps also involving a Walt Disney / Walt (er) Smith - who's the boss - short circuit. He has mentally "gone back in time" to Bolton Wanderers, it could be the Dion song (in his mind) has acted as some sort of Diouf trigger (see Derren Brown's Heist), and so he tore off his shirt, Dionysus style, to show the rosie (Blackburn FC) on his chest.

Or maybe not.


wiki - El Hadji Diouf.

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aferrismoon said...

The 'badboy' footballer.

Lately Cantona has spoken about his kung-fu kick while Chelsea's Cole shoots someone with an air-rifle. The shot man is a Tom Cowan

Certainly football has the power to raise agendas on a mass scale.

Highly paid gladiators keeps us in Rome


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Jimbo said...

Wears #18 - 1=A/8=H, Adolph Hitler.