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Monday, 9 August 2010

Cardinal Sins

Britain and America have seen some relationship cracks recently, what with Obama's "British Petroleum" slip and the ongoing Lockerbie bomber early release debate. The fracas regarding the latter was yesterday joined by none other than the boss of the Catholic church here in Scotland, Cardinal Keith O'Brien, who is due to meet the Pope directly after the Pontiff/Queen 16/9 (4,3, 13 squared) Holyrood mega-occult-ritual, at Morningside in Edinburgh.

In an interview with BBC Scotland, Cardinal O'Brien said Americans were too focused on retribution.

"In many states - more than half - they kill the perpetrators of horrible crimes, by lethal injection or even firing squad - I say that is a culture of vengeance," he said.

"An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth - that is not our culture in Scotland and I would like to think that the US government, and these states that do still have capital punishment, would learn something from us."

"He said Scotland had a culture of care".

"We shouldn't be crawling out to America, or having them come here and questioning us on our own territory."

Given that a majority of Scottish people apparently favour capital punishment for certain crimes (mainly child abuse), and that Scotland is hardly known for her "caring culture" - other than of course the ubiquitous "carry out/cairy oot" (obtained from the off-licence) - one wonders if there is perhaps a "hidden" agenda at work here.


Anonymous said...

I had to stay overnight in a town called Paisley.The culture of care was lacking on that night.

Anonymous said...

I had to stay overnight in a town called Paisley.The culture of care was lacking on that night.

Anonymous said...

anonmous, you should have stayed in bonny Edinburgh.

Its true that they are a door lot and collectively plagued with an superiority/inferiority complex that makes them both unfriendly but extremely patronising and obsequious to the tourists yet hatefull to all others. Do not be alarmed its just their way in the capital of world cosmopolitanism, Old ye Edinburgo.

Still better than getting chibbed in old paisley.

Anonymous said...

Maybe cardinal o brien could live for a month on his own in a bedsit in Paisley or livingston.Then he could experience this culture of care at root level.

Anonymous said...

The picture shown of the cardinal.To my mind anyone who dresses up like this and expects to be taken seriously is takin the piss.The problem is he is taken seriously,he is also respected.

Newspaceman said...

The shepherd's crook speaks volumes.

The more people get scared (terrorism/paedos/money/junkies), the more they crowd together - on a mental/thinking basis. This makes them easier to herd via media, religion etc.

The Pope has shown that he has a "caring" side, rejecting the resignations of two Irish Bishops who were implicated in tampering with bairns, or the covering up of such actions by their peers.

cheers brian