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Friday, 8 May 2009

MacMayan - A Forthcoming Tragedy

Whilst there are those who somehow believe that the cessation of the Mayan calender in conjunction with the dawning of the Age of Aquarius on 21st December 2012 symbolises a new, to-be-welcomed, spiritual age for humanity, I personally disagree, and in fact prophesise an age of all encompassing, technological based slavery with, as regular readers will know, Prince William as figurehead of the emerging and controlling New Global Order. Biblically, this is referred to as Hell and the antichrist. I see it, additionally, as previously identified in a post, as sort of a wrong way round Billy Goat Gruff.

Dad and wicked stepmother.

Reinforcing my paranoia perhaps, yet another media news story with esoteric significance has reached the eyes of the all seeing newspaceman: concerning Her Majesty the Queen and a visit on Thursday to open a new 33 million pound wing at Altnagelvin hospital in Londonderry, Ireland.

Firstly, we read from the BBC report of how the Queen "was such a hit when she toured the maternity ward that a new mother decided to name her baby after her". The fortunate child is to be known as Maya "Elizabeth" Mullan.

From the same report we hear how just prior to this engagement the Queen visited state of the art Lisneal College- itself set in a 22 acre site with a biometric payment system in the canteen- where she was presented with gifts by head girl Rachael Devine (flowers) and head boy Robert Macbeth. (a miniature replica cannon). Thinking, laterally, James Shelby Downard's KK33, thinking cannon fodder.

Whilst on the track of Downard and Macbeth, it also comes to my notice that the captain of the helicopter which crashed into the North Sea, killing 16, and discussed in my 1st April post, Dew Herd, was named Paul Burnham. Nothing to do with burning those flu carrying pigs, rather Birnam wood.


see also Howen Nowen Browen Cowen.


aferrismoon said...

Ma Beth.

A childs version of one Macbethian line goes:

Is that a dagger I see before my eyes
Or a German Sausage in disguise.
[Thinking the Saxe-Coburg-Windsor lineage]

Czechs have ratified the Lisbon Treaty but President Klaus refuses to sign it till after the Irish Referendum
The Czech Press seems to despise him, though most newspapers here seem owned by Germans, who do hate him.


Newspaceman said...

The ToL (toll) was signed on lucifers day (13/12),Klaus has the say so:

Before the reform of the Gregorian calendar in the 16th century, St. Lucy's Day fell close to the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.

Satan's claws?