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Thursday, 10 January 2008

Root Causes

Most of us will remember the 70's TV show called Roots. It was the story of a black man called Kunta who was taken from his birthplace in Africa in chains, destination America, to be a slave for the white man. Kunta got half his foot chopped off for trying to escape. It was harsh.

Similarly, most will have watched the early eighties Omen film, about a young chap called Damien who was apparently the antichrist from the Bible. Damien had the number 666 as a birthmark on his head, animals and birds were scared of him and wherever he went, death and misfortune followed.

So, when we think of slavery, we think of Kunta, his chopped foot and men chained together. When mention is made of an antichrist we think of Damien, his triple six birthmark and terrifying (for the animals) visit to the Zoological Park

These are perceptions which have been instilled within us, simply by watching programmes or films and perhaps not thinking about it too deeply.

The antichrist is, according to Biblical prophecy, a likeable popular chap at first, bringing peace and harmony to a fragile and miserable war ravaged global world. He is initially seen as the saviour of mankind but, after a few years, he becomes a tyrant. There is no mention of him scaring animals or having a birthmark.

Slavery does not need physical chains, like Roots, to be slavery. Our bonds are mental and were cleverly designed. Fear, greed and envy are but three of the devices employed in our own collective growing entrapment. In essence, we are creating our own living hell - although the equipment is being provided for us.

We live in a highly advanced nuclear technological age. Surely with just a little foresight we can see what is ahead. A microchipped, slave, soul-less population, unable to think for themselves and ruled by a tyrannical and harsh antichrist figurehead.

A new Atlantis, this one minus Patrick Duffy and his webbed fingers.


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